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Toyota Forklift Quality Assurance Process

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Video Transcript
Tom DePalma (00:07):
When we have a new model launch, a dedicated team is put together, and that dedicated team is made up of manufacturing group, quality assurance, production engineering, production control. And at that time, that’s all they focus on is the new model.

Tom DePalma (00:23):
We’re actually looking at a product 18 to 24 months prior to the line on, and during that time there’s a design reviews that we go through which are eight different phases or steps. Quality is very important at each step of the DR process from a phase zero through a phase eight, and each one of those steps are critical to the path to model launch.

Tom DePalma (00:48):
During those times there is an executive review of each one of those phases that you cannot go any farther unless those particular stage is approved by an executive level. Of course, we’re not perfect, so we do have issues. We have issues internally.

Tom DePalma (01:07):
This room is full of a means of being able to document and record. We meet in this room twice a day, once in the morning with our president and vice presidents and high level to review yesterday’s activities and what needs to be done. We also look out in the future to see if there are any issues that we need to address.

Tom DePalma (01:27):
We have a very good channel of communication with TMHU and our service group, and that information comes in immediately, and we work very close with them to make sure that we completely understand the issue and then we address it immediately there if it’s manufacturing, supplier, or design.

Tom DePalma (01:45):
I think the dealers should look at this new product is something that they can sell with pride and deliver to a customer and explain and be able to show them the benefits and what improvements have been made above and beyond what the previous model was.

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