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Toyota Forklifts Keep the Tide Rolling with Alabama Football

(Read the video transcript here.)


Video Transcript

Chris Hand (00:08):

Today, we’re at the University of Alabama’s Bryant-Denny stadium. Seats over 100,000. There’s a lot of pride behind Alabama football. We’ve been playing football for 125 years. I call it a lifestyle. It’s something that you’re born into. To see a lot of people that have something in common come together to pull their team on to victory on Saturdays. That’s how we roll.


Speaker 2 (00:34):

[inaudible 00:00:34] One, two, three. Alabama.


John Wofford (00:44):

So, we’re two days away from the home opener. There’s a bustle of activity going around. The crew is using the forklift all day.


Chris Hand (00:55):

The last couple of days I didn’t even know where it was. I’ve had a hard time finding it. It was being used by our sound guys one day. The next day, it’s being used by our facility guys. We don’t know where it is right now, but I can guarantee you it’s being used.


Clayton Lynn (01:13):

Program! Game day program!


Chris Hand (01:16):

Clayton Lynn, he’s been doing our game day program about eight years.


Clayton Lynn (01:20):

I just like coming out here and mingling with the people. You meet a lot of interesting people.


Speaker 5 (01:21):

Program! Program!


Chris Hand (01:26):

We sell about 10,000 game day programs. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen 10,000 of anything. It’s a lot of game day programs. They come in boxes. Can’t be ripped, can’t be torn, so there’s a lot of care that goes into the loading and unloading of those.


Clayton Lynn (01:40):

Forklift’s a big help. Years ago, all we had was a drop deck trailer with a pallet jack. You had to push them. Took two or three people. Now, I can do it by myself and everybody’s happy.


Speaker 6 (01:50):

[inaudible 00:01:50] means only one thing, it’s game day.


Chris Hand (01:54):

We’re putting on a show here, and everything has to be right. The fan experience is real important.


John Wofford (02:06):

When you have a 100,000 people coming to your house, you better be prepared. They’re here, they’re fired up about Alabama football, so when the crew needs to bring their products in, they love the Toyota forklift because it’s so reliable.


Chris Hand (02:22):

We’re not worried about the forklift going down, but if it does go down, we’ve got a nice system set up with a Willie company. They actually have a substitute. Just like a football team. We have a player that goes down, we sub in somebody right behind him.


John Wofford (02:39):

The signature line for Alabama is Roll Tide.


Clayton Lynn (02:42):

Roll Tide!


Crowd (02:43):

Roll Tide!


John Wofford (02:45):

But the Toyota product is designed to keep the tide rolling. Alabama’s committed to excellence. They’re proven winners and therefore we want to be a part of that relationship.


Chris Hand (02:55):

Toyota is a perfect match for Alabama because they like doing things right the first time. We like to put a quality product out there. We hope the relationship continues for a long, long time.

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