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Toyota Low Level Order Picker Video

Toyota’s Low Level Order Picker is the perfect product to pick more skews, improve picking activity, enhance overall productivity, optimize existing operational footprints, minimize restocking requirements, and increase profitability.  


The Low Level Order Picker product helps you by providing an elevated operator platform to help easily reach objects in your facility. There are several features that will ease your operator’s job while delivering productivity and keeping the cost of ownership low. The travel at height option helps with moving from pick to pick without having to move the platform and reducing the time between these picks. The 47-inch compartment height offers easy compartment accessibility. The single, double, and triple length fork configurations offer unrivaled application flexibility. 


The Low Level Order Picker can be easily adapted as your needs change. The hands-free lowering option lets operators lower the compartment without having to sit down on their pick. This feature is activated by the foot pedal and is centered on avoiding interference. Another key feature of this product is the 4-point enhanced stability design. Also, the load weights are distributed evenly through the dual lift cylinders. The 21-inch compartment simplifies everything from storing tools to reaching products. The tool caddy, storage shelf and tray, pick rake, cushion lean pads, and the grab bar are all there to benefit the operator and the job being done. Your operator will thoroughly enjoy the operator compartment sensor system reinforces the need to maintain the correct position.  


The Low Level Order Picker comes with power steering and is built with heavy duty components such as the ductile iron undercarriage, stainless steel undercarriage pins, steel reinforced bumper, and maintenance-free composite bushings. It is important to note that the maintenance-free composite bushings last 4-5 times longer than the steel bushings. Another great feature is the fork height travel interlock that trains operators to travel with the forks raised to help avoid damage to uneven surfaces. The 500-hour service intervals mean that this truck spends less time being serviced and more time getting work done. The Toyota Low Level Order Picker is a well-rounded, overall truck to help you improve operations in your facility. 

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