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Toyota Pounces on Game Day Prep with the Auburn Tigers

(Read the video transcript here.)


Terry Burton (00:09):

Today we’re here at Auburn University, home of the Auburn Tigers.


Chris Davis (00:13):

Auburn’s the number one SEC fan experience for a reason. It’s an absolutely passionate brand with a dynamic fan base. The one thing about the Auburn brand and the Auburn family is we believe in hard work. We’re always going to do whatever it takes to get it done, but it’s always nice to have a product that you believe in to help you get the work done and that’s what Lilly Company and Toyota provides us.


Chris Davis (00:35):

Eric is number one when it comes to providing, not only a field that looks incredible in-person and on TV, but he’s also really, really good at making the playing surface strong.


Eric Kleypas (00:52):

We try to be the best in everything we do. Our goal is to maintain a safe and consistent athletic field. Not all the time a pretty field will play the way you want it to play. If we get it to perform well, the attractiveness, the aesthetics are just a byproduct. On Monday, we’ll spray our foliar fertilizer to grain the field up, try to strengthen the turf grass for the game. By Wednesday, we’re starting to paint, and on Friday we’ll put a second coat on it to make it bright and pop for TV.


Eric Kleypas (01:24):

With turf grass management, just about everything we purchase comes on a pallet, fertilizer, pesticides, field marking paint. By using the forklift to get it from field A to field B, we’re fresh and we’re efficient so that the field maintenance is where our energy is expended.


Terry Burton (01:44):

They don’t want to disappoint the 80 plus thousand fans on Saturday. They have to be prepared and the Toyota Lift Truck is always ready, willing, and reliable.


Chris Davis (01:55):

Lilly Company and Toyota and the way our partnership has set up really helps us deliver a number one game day experience. When you’re able to align two brands that do business in the same thought process, it’s real easy to have those conversations. We have really awesome partnerships like Toyota and Lilly Company that make all those nuts and bolts come together. When our fans get to Saturday, they can sit back, enjoy the experience, enjoy the game, and just enjoy Auburn.

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