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Toyota's Side-Entry End Rider

Toyota's Side-Entry End Rider

The Side-Entry End Rider Pallet Jack is equipped with a best-in-class turning radius, and easy pallet entry and exit to get the job done. The forward-facing operator position provides a clear line of sight for operators when picking and placing loads. The Side-Entry End Rider keeps operators comfortable while increasing uptime with an AC drive motor and programmable performance.

Advantages of the Side-Entry End Rider

  • Standard Power Steering decreases the amount of effort required to steer and increases operator comfort and efficiency.
  • Multifunction Control Handle with ergonomically positioned handgrips, dual thumbwheels, and lift, lower, and horn buttons for simplified operation of all controls with either hand.
  • Programmable Fork Height Travel Speed Limit helps prevent wear by slowing travel when the forks are fully lowered which can cause premature wear of the undercarriage.
  • Optional Lithium-ion Battery provides versatile power solutions to extend operational hours and faster charge times. 

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