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Toyota Technician Challenge 2015

In this video, several technicians answer various questions about the Toyota Technician Challenge and the meaning behind it.  


What does it mean to be at the first Toyota Platinum Skills Challenge? It means a lot to the technicians as Toyota is validating their determination and hard work. Toyota looks for the best technicians across the board because it is important to have a dedication to value-driven work. 


What is your favorite part about being a Toyota technician? Technicians answered this question by explaining the pride behind being a Toyota employee. Other answers include the innovative technology in place, working on best-in-class equipment, seeing something new every day, and more.  


How are Toyota Genuine Parts different from generic, non-OEM parts? Toyota Genuine Parts are different from generic, non-OEM parts because of the quality. Not only do Toyota Genuine Parts last longer, but they are durable and maintain their structure throughout time.  


What sets Toyota technicians apart from the rest? Toyota technicians understand that a happy customer is a returning customer. Due to this, they strive for honesty and transparency with their customers. Toyota requires a lot of training for its technicians to ensure that they are fully equipped so the technicians will be prepared no matter what occurs. 


Why do you like being a Toyota technician? The most common answer received for this was prestige. It is a very big accomplishment to work as a Toyota technician because they have the ability to show how influential and important their work is. Toyota supports its technicians throughout any challenges that may arise. 


Toyota is here to support and reward its technicians for the hard work and dedication that they bring to work every day. The Technician Challenge shows the technician’s viewpoint of the job itself and the company as a whole.

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