Benefits of Forklift Safety Training

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Toyota 80V Electric Pneumatic ForkliftSafety training is one of soundest investments that you can make as a facility manager. It may seem like the additional time and cost of such training outweighs the benefits. But in the long run, managers who require safety training of their operators end up with better opportunities for successful business. Here are just a few reasons why.

Return on Investment

Productivity is key to making sure that your various investments are worth their initial cost. When a forklift operator is injured as a result of an on-the-job accident, not only are they out of commission for a certain period of time, their forklift is shut out of the supply chain. Every minute you have an injured employee can cost you thousands of dollars per hour! Taking the time to ensure operators are trained in safety protocols can help them avoid accidents and injury. In the meantime, you’ll maximize your ROI.

Better Working Conditions

Safety training can help operators to better understand their equipment and daily tasks. When operators know how to be safe, they will also be more comfortable on the job. When all employees know that operators are trained effectively, they will be less worried about accidents and more confident working in forklift environments. Low stress means better working conditions that lead to higher productivity.

Decreased Maintenance Costs

Maintenance on forklifts can get expensive, especially when that maintenance is unplanned and the result of preventable on-the-job accidents. When operators are trained on safety procedures, they are more likely to avoid costly mistakes that can result in damaged product or forklift equipment.

Insurance Costs

Many insurance companies will reduce costs of worker’s compensation coverage when provided with a clear demonstration of operator safety training.

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