Toyota's Environmentally-Friendly Manufacturing Process

Material Handling Best Practices, Tips, Information and More from Toyota

Toyota operates under a global earth charter that promotes environmental responsibility throughout the entire company. Toyota Industrial Equipment (TIE) is responsible for manufacturing the majority of Toyota forklifts sold in North America. Making processes more green is a consideration in every process change or manufacturing improvement. Here are five ways TIE makes its manufacturing processes environmentally-friendly:

  1. Toyota forklifts are manufactured at TIEM, a zero-landfill facility.

  2. TIE requests suppliers use environmentally-friendly materials and processes in products supplied to Toyota.

  3. TIE requires its top 65 suppliers, who account for more than 85% of the materials purchased locally, to be ISO 14001 certified or have an equivalent EMS (Environmental Management System).

  4. The water sent back to the water treatment facility in Columbus, Indiana (home to TIEM) is cleaner than required by government standards.

  5. TIE made improvements to its paint operations, which includes the conversion of 50% of the painting processes over to powder coat and the addition of paint robots in other areas to improve transfer efficiency of solvent based paints.

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