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From humble beginnings manufacturing weaving looms to becoming the world leader in automotive and forklift sales, the Toyota culture of Kaizen constantly propels Toyota forward. From the world-renowned Toyota Production System to dealer-level sales and service, Toyota takes pride in the processes that are in place and strives to make them even better. Over the years, countless global and national publications, studies and tests have recognized Toyota as the undisputed forklift industry leader.

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Green Supply Chain Partner

Toyota Material Handling, USA, Inc. announced that it was named to Inbound Logistics' list of 2016 Green Supply Chain Partners. Toyota was chosen in part for its environmentally friendly solutions, green manufacturing process and continued dedication to supply chain sustainability.

Highest in Forklift Industry Survey

On August 2, 2016, Toyota Material Handling USA, Inc., announced Toyota Forklifts earned the number one spot in a study to determine which brand of forklift is the industry leader in four key areas: quality, value, cost of ownership and safety. The study, conducted by Peerless Research Group, surveyed people involved in the evaluation of material handling equipment. The survey found Toyota Forklifts leads the industry in quality, value, cost of ownership, and safety, which includes the categories of most affordable to maintain in terms of safety and fewest safety-related incidents.

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