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The Toyota Industrial Equipment Manufacturing (TIEM) campus totals 1,015,843 square feet of facilities sitting on 126 acres. Opened in 1990, the facilities include a National Customer Center and Training Center, manufacturing operations, and distribution centers for equipment and service parts. The total investment exceeds $117 million.

Since 1990, Toyota has manufactured over 500,000 forklifts in the U.S.A. Find your next U.S.-manufactured forklift today.

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National Customer Center

The National Customer Center (NCC) in Columbus, IN was designed exclusively to serve Toyota customers and dealers and includes a 360-degree showroom and a facility for live product demonstrations. The NCC embodies Toyota's dedication to providing best-in-class customer service. Combined with Toyota’s network of 66 dealerships and more than 230 locations across North America, Toyota provides the most comprehensive customer service and support in the industry.
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North American Presence

From the sale of the first forklift in the United States, to the production of its 500,000+ manufactured forklifts, Toyota has enjoyed a strong presence in the United States and strong partnerships with thousands of customers. The majority of Toyota forklifts sold in North America are manufactured in North America.

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