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A Legacy of Safety Innovation

Toyota Material Handling has been dedicated to preserving the safety of forklift operators and pedestrians since our inception. Building a culture of safety is imperative to successful operations, and Toyota’s Forklifts are engineered from the ground up with the safety of your operators and other personnel in mind. The future of your associate’s safety should rely on a history of safety ingenuity. Trust Toyota Forklifts.

Pedestrian Detection System

Smart Environment Sensor Plus™ (SEnS+)

National Forklift Safety Day is a yearly reminder to be steadfast in creating a culture of safety. We understand the importance of maintaining a highly productive operation, all while keeping your operators comfortable and secure. Products, like Toyota’s proprietary Smart Environment Sensor Plus™ (SEnS+) pedestrian detection system can assist operators in identifying a pedestrian or object behind their forklift. In addition to the system notifications, SEnS+ has industry-first features including dynamic zoning, adjustable truck slow down and backward movement prevention.

2022 NFSD

Why Forklift Operator Safety Training?

  • 70% of all industrial accidents are caused by operator error (National Safety Council).
  • Effective training may reduce accident rates by 25-30% (OSHA).
  • Following forklift operator training, OSHA found a 61% improvement in operator performance scores (OSHA).

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