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Introducing Toyota Industrial Energy Solutions

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Posted: March 28, 2023
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A Revolutionary Approach to Your Energy Needs

What powers your operation now? What energy sources will keep your business moving efficiently and cost-effectively in the future?


However you answer these questions, Toyota Industrial Energy Solutions is our promise to continually be at the forefront of new technological development, providing reliable solutions for your ever-evolving energy needs.


As you work to optimize your fleet amid increasing environmental standards and throughput expectations, Toyota Industrial Energy Solutions is your partner at every step of the journey. We deliver service and expertise — as only Toyota can — through our commitment to quality, forward-thinking innovation, and the support of the largest dealer network in North America.


Here are five tools and services Toyota Industrial Energy Solutions offers you:

1) On-Site Consultation for Forklift Energy Solutions

Toyota Forklift dealers offer free, on-site consultation services to help identify the best practices and energy management solutions that will work for you.


Utilizing the resources made exclusively available through Toyota Industrial Energy Solutions, Toyota dealers are uniquely positioned to optimize your operation with the latest technological innovations tested and approved by Toyota, such as:


2) Electric Forklift Batteries and Alternative Energy Sources

An extensive selection of lead acid and TPPL batteries, as well as approved alternative energy sources (including lithium-ion batteries), allows Toyota to uniquely pair up the best forklifts in the industry with the most efficient and cost-effective power sources. Some of the potential benefits include:


  • Increased charging efficiency
  • Higher, more stable voltage supply
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Eliminate battery storage areas and charging equipment
  • Increased cycle and shelf life

3) Forklift Battery Chargers & Accessories

Your Toyota Forklift dealer can help you increase energy efficiency and lower operational cost — simply by matching your chosen energy source with an optimal charger! They’ll use battery monitoring equipment to pinpoint efficiencies that can be gained through an appropriate battery/charger combination.


Some charger considerations include:


  • Frequency– Higher-frequency charges, which increase charge rates and can allow for opportunity and fast charging.
  • Energy Efficiency– Converting power from your facility with greater energy efficiency can lower your electric bill.
  • Multi-Voltage– Chargers with multiple voltage capabilities can reduce the total number of chargers needed.
  • Smart Functionality– Wireless communication and other smart functionality can allow expert control of charging efficiency and timing.
  • Size & Weight– Smaller, lighter-weight chargers can decrease your storage footprint and are easier to move.

4) Service & Repair with Toyota Industrial Energy Solutions

Peace of mind. That’s what you get with Toyota Industrial Energy Solutions — because you’ll know:


  • 3,500+ expertly trained Toyota Certified Technicians are at the ready to minimize your downtime — not only on your equipment, but on the energy sources that power them.
  • You’ve got a variety of alternative energy source options that have been tested and approved by Toyota as compatible with your forklift’s electrical systems.
  • Your equipment’s warranty will remain intact should you choose a Toyota-approved alternative energy source for power.

5) Environmental Support

Keeping up with increasingly stringent emissions regulations has never been simpler. Your Toyota Forklift dealer can assist you with CARB fleet averaging and optimizing your product mix to fit your unique application and regulatory needs.


Plus, your dealer can help you apply and benefit from the energy-saving and waste-reducing practices Toyota is known for, including lean thinking and the Toyota Production System. They can even book you a tour of our factory in Columbus, IN, where you can see these proven methods in action.


For more information about Toyota Industrial Energy Solutions, reach out to your Toyota Forklift dealer.

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