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Heavy Lift Forklifts For Indoor Operations

High Capacity IC Pneumatic forklift carrying 3 large tires in warehouse
Posted: March 28, 2018
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The Toyota Heavy Duty (THD) forklift line is one of the most dependable high-capacity fleets available in today’s market. The THD line ranges from massive container handlers to electric cushion models to high-capacity marina models. When some people think heavy lifting, they think the great outdoors. But here at Toyota, we know heavy lifting can sometimes be an inside job. Heavy car parts need moving in a factory? Steel sheets that need to get to the line? Toyota’s High-Capacity Cushion tire forklifts have you covered.

Indoor Heavy Lift Forklifts: The Toyota High-Capacity IC Cushion

As the standard bearer of the THD expansion, the Toyota High-Capacity IC Cushion Tire forklift offers a unique solution for your heavy-duty needs.


You’ll get massive power. The THD Cushion forklift offers weight capacities from 18,000 to 22,000 lbs. With a weight capacity that high and tires that won’t damage shop floors, this heavy-duty lift is the complete package.


It has an optional integral side shifting fork positioner that will maintain rated capacity even when forks are moved. High-capacity loads don’t always come tied up with a bow. It’s not always as easy as entering a pallet and moving it. That’s why the Toyota THD Cushion with added integral side shifting fork positioner lets you alter fork position to pick up narrow objects without giving up rated capacity.


A load sensing hydraulic system adjusts power so you have just the right amount when you need it. You need your lift to give you it’s all just at the right moment. The THD Cushion forklift comes equipped with load sensing hydraulics that identify when you have a heavy load and transfer all the necessary power to the lift motors.


It’s engineered for operator visibility. The thing about big loads is that they’re, well, big. When handling very heavy materials it’s even more important to have good lines of sight on both the load and the clearance space around it – to each side, above, and below. That’s why the THD Cushion forklift comes with a high-visibility, two-stage mast. Keep both your operators and other associates safer by sustaining operator’s ability to see clearly.


It’s both rugged and compact. Made with a reinforced, welded chassis and impact resistant side thrusters, the THD Cushion is built to last in brutal indoor environments. But it’s also compact enough to easily fit into your day-to-day operations. Take charge with Toyota versatility and durability.


Additional highlights include:


  • The option of your forklift coming equipped with an LP V6 or V8 engine depending on your need. That means you’ll get all the power of a heavy-duty engine that has the muscle for any operation.
  • A 3-Speed Dana transmission that offers a trio of speeds in both forward and reverse, offering you the versatility and power to maneuver your lift in many plant configurations.
  • A robust digital display that gives fuel, engine, service, and temperature information, along with other data, to help operators work as efficiently as possible.


Where Can I Find It?


This forklift makes heavy lifting challenges in the paper, automotive, and other industries achievable with high levels of efficiency.

Indoor Heavy Lift Forklifts: The Toyota High-Capacity Electric Cushion

When we expanded our THD family to include High-Capacity Cushion Tire forklifts in 2017, it was important to us that we round out this already impressive line by bringing its renowned power and durability indoors with the High-Capacity Electric Cushion Forklift. This indoor giant offers several unique characteristics that make it top of its class:


  • Powered by a 17.7 Horsepower AC Motor in 72-Volt or 80-Volt configurations, this forklift is heavy-duty AND saves on fuel costs.
  • Models are available with rated capacities from 15,000-40,000 lbs. You get all the rugged power of an internal combustion forklift with significantly reduced emissions.
  • It has low-battery lift interrupt, guarding against low voltage damage by ceasing to lift when it detects low battery life.
  • Optional integral side shifting fork positioner allows for the adjusting of forks for awkward load shapes without sacrificing rated capacity.
  • It has a rigid, welded chassis with heavy steel cross supports for maximum durability and reliability.


Where Can I Find It?


The advantages of the THD Electric Cushion forklift can take your operation to the next level in industries such as automotive, general manufacturing, and paper storage. Contact your local Toyota dealer for more features and advantages of this unique machine.

Indoor Heavy Lift Forklifts: The THD Large Cushion

Lifting the heaviest loads even in indoor work spaces is a major need for many of our customers. That’s why we introduced the Toyota High-Capacity Large Cushion Tire Forklift with our 2017 THD expansion. The THD Large Cushion is now the most powerful, high-capacity indoor forklift in Toyota’s line-up. With the ability to lift heavy car parts and sheets of the heaviest steel in manufacturing, its capabilities in high-capacity applications fills out the Toyota line to tackle almost any indoor challenge. Here are the features that make it a unique solution for the jobs that the weigh the most:


  • A lift capacity ranging from 23,000 to 100,000 lbs. gives you the big power you need.
  • A 5.8 liter, V8 LP engine means that it can both lift and MOVE even the heaviest loads.
  • A heavy-duty planetary drive axle means you can rest assured of maximum durability and reliability.
  • Its 3 forward and 3 reverse speed Dana transmission is an industry leader in supporting speed, power, and gradeability changes. Gradeability rating on big trucks is one of the key factors to consider during purchase. With a Dana-manufactured transmission that offers three forward and three reverse speeds, you will maintain your versatility to handle slopes and grades while moving high-capacity loads.
  • Its two-stage, wide-view mast will help maximize visibility for operators moving the biggest loads.
  • It has an engine management system to regulate performance. When lifting capacities of up to 100,000 lbs., it’s a good idea to know what’s happening with your engine. The THD Large Cushion forklift comes with an engine management system that regulates performance and alerts you to issues before they occur. This protects your engine and your investment.
  • It has an optional integral side shifting fork positioner that will maintain rated capacity even when forks are moved. High-capacity loads aren’t always in the ideal shape of a square pallet. When you buy a Toyota THD Large Cushion Tire with added integral side shifting fork positioner, you can make your forks narrow to slide into rolled steel or other narrow loads. And you won’t have to sacrifice capacity to do it.


It’s easy to maintain. Thanks to a hydraulic multi-gauge and easy to access panels and filters, the THD Large Cushion is an easy-to-maintain machine. It also comes equipped with a digital instrument display panel that alerts you to maintenance needs and could lead to a major decrease in fleet downtime.

Heavy Lift Forklifts: The High-Capacity Adjustable Wheelbase

The Toyota High-Capacity Adjustable Wheelbase is a master of flexibility, allowing operators to make adjustments to varying load weights with an extendable counterweight that includes removable slabs. Four adjustable wheelbase models have been added to the THD cushion lineup.


Equipped with the MD4 7” Touchscreen Display, this forklift combines power with the latest technological advancements. Operators will have the tools they need at their disposal. Hydraulic schematics, capacity calculators, wiring diagrams, and operator and repair manuals can now be accessed with just the press of a button!

Heavy Lift Forklifts For Outdoor Applications

Toyota’s THD line is equipped with forklifts for your indoor and outdoor needs. Learn more about outdoor heavy lift forklifts.

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