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Empowering Operators with Joystick Technology

Posted: March 28, 2023
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Operator preferences govern purchasing decisions now more than ever. This extends beyond just the forklift itself and into the options that allow it to be custom tailored to fit operator and application needs. Different types of seats, pedals, grips, and armrests all play a key role in keeping operators satisfied, happy, and productive.


While some operators are perfectly content with using the same bells and whistles they’ve grown accustomed to over the years, there are many new technologies to make their lives easier. One such example is the controls used to handle their daily tasks.

Joystick Technology Motivates Operators to Maximize Productivity

For years, cowl-mounted levers have been the most popular method for manipulating all hydraulic functions, and for good reason. It’s what most forklifts are built with, so it’s likely what you’ve been using ever since you started driving one. That level of familiarity allows you to be productive and efficient, but it also may make you resistant to trying something new that could push your comfort and productivity to new heights.


One such solution is joystick controls. Toyota’s optional EZ Control Joystick® offers a revolutionary approach to material handling by housing all hydraulic controls inside a single handle. Lift, tilt, and all auxiliary functions such as side shift and fork positioning can be controlled within the palm of your hand.

EZ Control Joystick Ergonomics

The horn button and forward/reverse gear shift are also located on the handle for added convenience. And the armrest has fore and aft, vertical, and tilt adjustments to optimize comfort and productivity.


Finding a location to store small items like pens, tape, and small tools for quick access can be challenging. The EZ Control Joystick® comes complete with a storage compartment with two USB charging ports to allow operators to conveniently store objects and charge portable electronic devices.


In material handling, precise handling of loads is key to reducing product damage and maintaining productivity. The EZ Control Joystick® utilizes an ISO style joystick design that is found in construction and agricultural equipment, which require the simultaneous use of a wide variety of functions. As proven in these high-profile applications, the joystick’s durability and performance can help reduce downtime and power you to new levels of success.


Ultimately, which type of control devices you use comes down to what works best for your application and operator preference. If you feel like joystick controls may benefit your operation, contact an authorized Toyota forklift dealer today for a demo or to learn more about the technologies that are available to empower your operators and your business.

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