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4 Questions To Determine If You Could Benefit From An Integrated Fork Scale

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Posted: March 28, 2023
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Toyota recently launched an Integrated Fork Scale to help businesses streamline their processes. Have you wondered if the expense is worth it for your particular business? Here are four questions to help determine if you could benefit from an integrated fork scale in your fleet.


        1. Do you spend a lot of time moving pallets to a floor scale?


Let’s find out how much time you could save if you could eliminate one step in your process. Here’s a simple example: If it takes 1 minute to transport pallets to a floor scale to properly weigh them before loading or unloading and you do this 60 times a day, you could gain one hour of productivity by eliminating this step. Now do the math with your specific info. How much more efficient could you be with an integrated fork scale


        2. What is an Integrated Forklift Scale?


Here are a couple of steps you could eliminate to save time and effort. Toyota’s Integrated Fork Scale features a Bluetooth-enabled option to feed information to your devices seamlessly. An Integrated Forklift Scale allows you to integrate weighing and data management. So you’ll be able to weigh, lift, move and record a load all in one step. Again, do the math to find out how much productivity you could gain if you got rid of all the separate steps and were able to integrate them into one. Could you save a significant amount of time?


        3. Do your drivers often perform back-of-truck checks on uneven floors or other poor surfaces?


If so, this might affect the accuracy of the weight check. The legal-for-Trade version of Toyota’s Integrated Fork Scale includes a correction sensing system designed to calculate weight, even when the load wheels are not level.


        4. Have you held off considering a fork scale because of concern about moisture damaging the display or inside components?


Moisture and technology don’t often mix – unless you plan for it. Toyota’s Integrated Fork Scale features a cold storage option designed specifically for food storage applications.


We hope these questions help determine if you could benefit from an Integrated Fork Scale. Contact your local Toyota Forklift dealer today for questions about our fork scale or any other product.

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