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Leaders on Leadership: Josh Linnemann

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Posted: March 28, 2023
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As part of a series on leadership, we asked the executives of Toyota Material Handling what advice they have for aspiring leaders in the material handling industry. This week, we feature Josh Linnemann, TMH Vice President of Engineering.


Advice to 25-year-old self: “I would encourage my 25-year-old self to seek out people, processes, and opportunities outside the normal engineering swim lane. A broader base makes for a stronger structure, and pursuing a wide variety of interests opens the way for exciting innovation in the surprising spaces where disciplines overlap. As we change our vantage point, we identify new opportunities for growth and development, we make connections that create collaboration and transformation and, through this process, our ideas are better and more complete.”


Leadership Thought: “For me, leadership starts from a position of empathy. I think there is great value in understanding the perspective of our customers. Why do they want our product? What makes our customer experience unique? How can we lighten their burden? The same applies to our Associates. How can we provide stability for them and for their families? How do we challenge them to grow intellectually? How do we support their aspirations? And finally, it’s important to consider the viewpoint of our stakeholders. How do we ensure that we are responsible stewards of their investments? How do we represent the brand and communicate our core values? Empathy enables us to equip, encourage, and challenge ourselves and those around us to excel individually and to accomplish so much more as a team.”


10 Personal Leadership Aspirations: “Several years ago, I developed a list of 10 leadership aspirations to serve as my personal compass and help guide me to my true north. Although I rarely practice these perfectly, they are reminders to keep me on the right path as I practice the Toyota Core Values and leadership model.”


  1. Value others before yourself – practice servant leadership.
  2. We are all uniquely made and reflect our Creator – be humble and learn from others’ genius.
  3. Remember why you do what you do – your purpose is bigger than the project.
  4. Fall forward fast, and refocus – push yourself to the failing point and then work like mad to keep from failing – innovation.
  5. The limit of your imagination is your only anchor – sail fast and far.
  6. Surround yourself with great people, let them know it, and stay out of their way – there is joy in learning from those you lead.
  7. Be Passionate – Diligence and commitment are contagious when you care deeply about what you’re doing.
  8. The greatest accomplishment is leading others to new personal heights – teach, coach, mentor, and praise.
  9. Develop talent so your departure will never be noticed – the true mark of a job well done.
  10. God, Family, and then everything else – don’t ever forget this order.

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