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The Value of a Toyota Material Handling Internship

the value of a toyota material handling internship
Posted: March 28, 2023
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With the summer internship program quickly coming to a close, the twenty-three Toyota Material Handling (TMH) interns reflect on their time with the company. Throughout the 10-12 week program, interns have been deeply immersed in the core values at TMH. Amidst their time here, interns are shown what it is like to have an exceptional career opportunity with a leading corporation.

Interns Are Valuable Contributors to the Organization

Beginning in May, interns from all over the world moved to Columbus, IN to see just how exceptional it is to work for one of the world’s leading material handling companies. The summer internship program includes opportunities across many different departments at TMH such as Engineering, Finance, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Marketing, Research and Development, Sales, Supply Chain, and more.


The focus of the program is to grant interns the ability to apply their education and knowledge while implementing the benefits of hands-on learning. Whether an intern is working in the office or on the shop floor, they get a holistic view of the work being done in the material handling industry.

Leave a Lasting Impact Through Projects

Projects are curated to the ongoing need for improvement desired by Toyota. Examples of projects hand-picked for this intern group include, but are not limited to:


  • Creating an interactive 3D product visualizer
  • Implementing a truck simulator for development and testing
  • Enhancing the digital customer experience
  • Working with UX to merge websites
  • Optimizing KPIs to create multiple Power BI dashboards


No matter what the project is at hand, interns are considered valuable contributors to the growth and success of the future of TMH, which is something truly remarkable in such a large organization. Interns are guaranteed to leave their mark by effectively completing a well-needed and much-appreciated project.

Personal and Professional Development Opportunities

Toyota Material Handling is deeply involved in volunteering within the community, and to represent this immersion, the interns participated in the annual company-wide Lift the Community Day. To hear about the day from an intern themselves, Jonathan Budiman, the Production Control Intern, stated, “It was a great opportunity to both give back to the local community and bond through volunteering with fellow interns.”


Toyota leaders designed this program to include interns in events, just like they would be as full-time employees. This results in the internship program helping people bond and build lasting relationships, as Jonathan mentioned.


Not only are interns making life-long friends, but they are also growing a strong network. An example of professional development offered through this program is the executive lunch opportunity. Interns had lunches coordinated with different executives in the organization. Mandy Chick, the Production Engineering intern, commented on the executive lunch by stating, “I learned a lot of valuable information and received some great advice during my executive lunch, and I am lucky to be a part of an organization that strives to build a family-like atmosphere across the whole company.”


If you are interested in gaining meaningful internship experience or building a strong career with one of the world’s top material handling companies, visit the TMH Careers Page and apply today!

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