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What is a Straddle Stacker?

orange forklift stacker used in warehouse environment to load and unload products from point A to point B
Posted: March 28, 2023
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As consumer demands evolve and pressure for faster product delivery increases, businesses must ensure that their warehouses, distribution centers, and retail spaces are operating efficiently. In pursuit of optimization, proper utilization of equipment is critical. One material handling solution that aims to elevate your operation and exceed your stacking expectations is the Tora-Max Straddle Stacker.


Let’s dive into what a straddle stacker is and how it can take your efficiency to the next level. 

Benefits of the Tora-Max Straddle Stacker


With a lift capacity of up to 4,000 lbs. and a 24V lead-acid battery the Tora-Max Stacker is built to handle heavy loads with ease. Its maximum lift height of 207 inches and a range of mast options ensures that you can reach a variety of products at different heights. Whether you’re stacking pallets or maneuvering unconventional loads, this versatile stacker delivers unmatched performance every time.


The Straddle Stacker is designed with a regenerative braking system which ensures smooth operation through a variety of applications, while ergonomically angled hand grips provide comfort and maneuverability when handling heavy leads.


In addition to its ability to haul loads of various weights, the Tora-Max Straddle Stacker comes equipped with adjustable baselegs. This allows you to change the width of the Straddle Stacker’s baselegs depending on the width of the load you’re carrying. These innovative legs allow for load sizes between 38-50 inches, providing the flexibility to handle a variety of pallet sizes. Adjusting the baselegs is easy and convenient. Simply utilize the positioning bolts to stabilize and elevate the baseleg and adjust it to the width that meets your needs. When done, re-install the bolts on the outriggers.*


The Tora-Max Straddle Stacker isn’t just nimble, it comes with the power and advanced features your operation needs to keep you moving. An AC drive motor delivers smooth travel while maintaining quiet operation and low maintenance. Electric lift/lower controls offer precise control of forks and loads while maintaining ergonomic operation. An additional mesh protection shields the operator during operation, eliminating the chance for reflection and scratches.


No matter the load size, your operation demands unmatched efficiency and productivity to take your operation to new heights. To learn more about the Tora-Max Straddle Stacker and how you can add one to your fleet, contact your authorized Toyota Dealer for more information.



*Please reference the forklift’s repair manual for detailed instructions on how to perform these adjustments.

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