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3-Wheel Electric Ride & Drive Commentary

(Read the video transcript here.)

Video Transcript

Speaker 1 (00:17):
It’s awesome. It’s quick, turns easy.

Speaker 2 (00:20):
It’s amazing. It’s the smoothest forklift I’ve ever driven.

Speaker 3 (00:22):
Very smooth, very easy to get on and off.

Speaker 4 (00:24):
Very responsive.

Speaker 5 (00:26):
I was really surprised by how quiet it was.

Speaker 6 (00:27):
I could feel more power than the old unit.

Speaker 7 (00:30):
I think it’s great. It was really maneuverable.

Speaker 8 (00:39):
Long run times per battery charge and the efficiency of the controls and motors to be able to achieve that I think is something that everybody can take advantage of.

Speaker 5 (00:49):
Sight lines were incredible. Being able to see where I was going.

Speaker 2 (00:52):
The regenerative braking, when you’re taking the tight turns on the forklift. I mean, it’s smooth again, but the handling going around the corners at high speeds. I mean it’s very … it’s a quality forklift. You can tell.

Speaker 4 (01:03):
… updated look to it. The curvilinear design and the efficiency of the motors.

Speaker 9 (01:11):
I like the lower assist grip in the back.

Speaker 10 (01:20):
The low cost of ownership, the run times, the new improved run times. I think they’ll be really excited about.

Speaker 2 (01:27):
The prolonged life and value and quality of the Toyota product. The Toyota genuine parts that have been implemented on this new vehicle. I think it’s definitely going to offer, it’s going to be a game changer for the customers in the field.

Speaker 6 (01:37):
I know our customers are really going to like the comfort and the smoothness of the way this unit operates.

Speaker 11 (01:44):
Well, I think just the truck is a new Toyota product itself is a great thing to lead with because Toyota always comes out with new and great innovative products. And then as far as everything else is concerned, then go over the features and benefits of the trucks.

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