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Center-Controlled Rider AGV Technology

(Read the video transcript here.)



Video Transcript
Tim Meyer (00:08):
The Toyota Engineering Group and the Bastian Autonomous Vehicle Group have worked together to create the bridge to communicate from the manual truck to the autonomous vehicle and get information such as where would you like me to pick up the next pallet? Where would you like me to drop the next pallet? That information is shared with our traffic software. We are managing the flow of multiple AGVs intersecting at one time, and we’re managing that information request from the outside software.
Tim Meyer (00:46):
The Center Rider Pallet Truck AGV brings the next level of efficiency to the material handling activities for our customer. Basically, taking the driver off the truck. And when you consider that 80% of the total cost of ownership of the material handling activity is the human driver, this vehicle can reduce 80% of the total costs.
Tim Meyer (01:12):
While we’re driving through the area, we’re using a sensor, which in this case is two dimensional LIDAR to collect our math data, and that allows us to create a map. The fact that Toyota Industrial Corporation and under the headings of Toyota Material Handling and Bastian Solutions for North America can bring a one stop material handling solution to the customer is critical for the future and gives us a significant advantage in the marketplace.

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