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Comfort Ride Suspension

Toyota’s Comfort Ride Suspension, currently offered on Toyota’s Stand-Up Rider, is the perfect feature for those wanting to provide a smooth ride for operators while also cutting down on maintenance costs. 


The Comfort Ride Suspension has been designed with a cushioned floor mat to enhance the comfort of the operator. This feature isolates the operator from vibration, riding smoothly over minor obstacles in one’s path, such as dock plates and transition points. 


You will not have to worry about adapting the Comfort Ride Suspension to be operator-specific because this product has a key feature to adjust for you automatically. Automatic adjustment cuts back on downtime and allows for a quick transition period. Not only that, but it is also low on upkeep. This product only has nine parts, meaning the maintenance is cut back drastically. In return for this, you will have low operating costs over time. 

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