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Stand-Up Rider Forklift

The unique dock-to-stock capability of the Toyota Stand-Up Rider Forklift makes it top of its class and one of the most versatile forklifts in Toyota’s product line. Because it is designed for 5,000 lb. loads, it is more flexible and can handle more capacity at greater heights with added durability. Its compact design allows it to seamlessly navigate narrow aisles with ease, giving you the ability to store more products in your facility. This Toyota Forklift delivers improved ergonomics, reliability, and sturdiness while reducing service intervals. The Toyota Stand-Up Rider is a multi-purpose forklift that is ready to work when you are.

Special Features
  • 3,000-5,000 lb. Lifting Capacity
  • Dock-to-Stock Solution
  • AC Drive Motor


Stand-Up Rider Forklift Specifications

Learn more about the current Toyota Stand-Up Rider models that are available for purchase.

3,000 - 5,000

Load Capacity



Overhead Guard Height

66.3 - 78.6


Length to Forkface

66.3 - 78.6 in.

Overhead Guard Height

88 in.

Overall Width

41-46 in.

Models for Stand-Up Rider Forklift

Model Load Capacity (lbs.) Max Travel Speed Full Load (MPH) Max Lift Speed Full Load (FPM) Max Gradeability Full Load (%) Length (in.)
SR1-BEF30 3,000 7.2 55 15 66.3 - 71.1
SR1-BET30 3,000 7.5 55 15 66.3 - 71.1
SR1-BEF35 3,500 7.2 55 15 66.3 - 71.1
SR1-BEF40 4,000 7.2 55 15 71.1 - 73.8
SR1-BET35 3,500 7.2 55 15 66.3 - 71.1
SR1-BET40 4,000 7.2 55 15 71.1 - 73.8
SR1-HPF30 3,000 8.0 70 15 66.5 - 71.2
SR1-HPT30 3,000 8.0 70 15 66.5 - 71.2
SR1-HPM30 3,000 8.0 70 15 71.8 - 73.3
SR1-HPF35 3,500 8.0 70 15 66.5 - 71.2
SR1-HPT35 3,500 8.0 70 15 66.5 - 71.2
SR1-HPM35 3,500 8.0 70 15 71.8 - 73.3
SR1-HPF40 4,000 8.0 65 15 71.2 - 74
SR1-HPT40 4,000 8.0 65 15 71.2 - 74
SR1-HPM40 4,000 8.0 65 15 71.8 - 76.1
SR1-HPF50 5,000 8.0 65 15 76.7
SR1-HPT50 5,000 8.0 65 15 76.7
SR1-HPM50 5,000 8.0 65 15 77 - 78.6

* Based on 24" Load center ** Add load length and clearance


Product specifications may not reflect the most current product details. Authorized Toyota dealers retain the most current product specifications. All specifications should be verified by an authorized Toyota dealer prior to purchase.


Stand Up to the Challenge

Designed with an angled front cover and overhead guard, Toyota’s Stand-Up Rider is engineered for increased visibility and efficiency while the forklift is in use. The standard open-view, 4-cylinder mast provides operators with a clear line of sight. Toyota’s Stand-Up Rider delivers top travel and lift/lower speeds with a high-performance AC drive motor.

Stand-Up Rider Forklift Features

Toyota’s Stand-Up Rider Forklift comes with a specially designed floor suspension system. This unique system helps reduce the vibrational impact that can occur when operating a forklift by adapting to each operator’s weight, providing a smooth, seamless ride shift after shift. In addition to increased comfort, this versatile lift comes equipped with full hydraulic controls so the operator can conveniently and easily maintain one hand on the steer tiller while allowing the other hand to control traveling, lifting, loading, and horn functions. This innovative design helps increase operator comfort and allows the operator to remain productive and focused on the task at hand.

Toyota’s Stand-Up Rider comes with a 36-Volt electrical system. This forklift utilizes an AC Transistor Control System with independent lift, steer, and auxiliary motors. The hydrostatic power steering and regenerative braking returns energy to the battery for increased efficiency and runtime.

Just like any Toyota Forklift, the Stand-Up Rider does not often require service, but when it does, it’s fast and easy — by design. The Stand-Up Rider Forklift comes with the following features to provide operators with quick service options: 


  • One-piece top cover 

  • Self-diagnostics 

  • Built-in analyzer 

  • Programmable maintenance indicator 

  • Battery compartment rollers 

  • 7” touchscreen display 

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