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Multifunction 7” Touchscreen Display

Toyota’s Multifunction 7” Touchscreen Display, available on Toyota’s Reach Trucks, is the perfect feature to add. It will enhance the view, easing the operator’s work. 


The Multifunction 7” Touchscreen Display is strategically positioned to be in the viewpoint of the operator while also not distracting the operator. Also, the high-resolution color monitor enhances the view and helps outline colors in more detail, giving the operator an exceptional view of what they are picking. 


With the ability to get feedback with real-time data, reaction times are increased. Operators can now personalize their displays, as they can see different available diagnostics such as being able to view the truck serial number, hour meters, and version. Within this, you can break down the diagnostics into key metrics. An example is breaking hour meters down to key hours, travel hours, lift hours, and more. 


With the Multifunction 7” Touchscreen Display, there is a view optional camera system. This system ensures that the operator will be able to identify, retrieve, and place pallets at greater heights. With that, the optional height-tilt indicator shows the approximate height of forks and the condition of the tilt. The Multifunction 7” Touchscreen Display is a beneficial addition to your Toyota Reach Truck. 

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