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SEnS Smart Environment Sensor Plus® (SEnS+)

Operator Assist System Featuring Truck Slow Down

The Smart Environment Sensor Plus™ (SEnS+) camera has been exclusively designed for forklifts to detect objects and pedestrians in the detection range. The system supports your operation by notifying the operator with a warning buzzer and warning lights. In addition to the system notifications, the system can control the traveling speed and slow down the truck for pedestrians and objects in specific conditions.

How It Works

  • Maintains the efficiency of your operation by detecting pedestrians and objects
  • Audible notifications have three distinct levels based on the distance of the obstacle
  • Supports your operation with clear notifications and truck speed control
  • No tags for detection required

Compatible with these Toyota Forklifts:

The following Toyota Forklifts are currently compatible with SEnS+. This technology is only available on new forklift models.


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