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Spectra Print And Promotions Video Case Study

(Read the video transcript here.)



Video Transcript
Bill (00:01):
Everyone needs printing. We are Spectra Press & Promotions. We are a full service printing company. We deal with a lot of paper. It seems that we get a truckload every day. About three years ago, one of my best customer said to me, “We were really mad at our fulfillment house, can you help me?” And I said, “Sure I could.” And I left that meeting thinking, “Oh my gosh, where am I going to put this stuff?” We were out of room for storage so we decided to expand the building. Paper’s extremely heavy and we needed a forklift.
Speaker 2 (00:27):
The Prolift, we see ourselves as business partners and consultants. Spectra’s been a good business partner of ours for every bit of 15 years. Bill and his team supply us with a lot of our sell sheets, brochures, our business cards.
Bill (00:41):
I became a customer. I really was in love with a Toyota lift that Prolift was offering to maximize space in my warehouse for pallet racking, for loading in certain vans and unloading off of vans.
Speaker 2 (00:53):
Ground is expensive, but most of these buildings have 25, 30 foot higher ceiling. So there’s room to go up and that’s where a reach truck comes in.
Bill (01:02):
The budget didn’t call for a brand new machine for sure, but I wanted that specific machine. So I told my rep that I will wait. Toyota’s are built to last and they typically have more than one life. So getting a refurbished piece of machinery. I knew I was getting a practically brand new one and so I knew that that was going to be something that wouldn’t slow us down. It would keep us efficient and keep us rolling.
Speaker 2 (01:24):
A place like Spectra’s a perfect home for a truck like that. This reconditioned truck will last them for years and it’s a huge cost savings versus going with something brand new. We’re not just forklift trucks. We try to partner with our customers so that we can support them with everything that they would need.
Bill (01:41):
And I said, “Can you guys do mezzanines?” And they said, “We sure can.” And they came in right in budget. What was actually quoted the first time and it was a no brainer.
Speaker 4 (01:49):
The design of this mezzanine, we wanted to get additional space, but we didn’t want to cause any disruption to their flow of business.
Bill (01:56):
This has added a great deal of square footage for potential growth in adding new customers for Spectra. My father always said, “If you’re not growing, you’re dying.” It made me feel like we grew up a little bit and we were able to have a forklift because that’s another component in a larger type operation. And that’s what we’re always trying to strive for.

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