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Toyota Gives ‘Em Hail with Mississippi State Football

(Read the video transcript here.)


Video Transcript
Jason Bane (00:04):
Football is very big in the culture of the South, as well as the State of Mississippi, and the lines are drawn. You’re either a Bulldog or you’re a Rebel, and I’m a Bulldog.
Jason Bane (00:19):
To put on a football game at Mississippi State is a major production. 60,000 people plus will be in a stadium on just about any given Saturday.
Jim Gaskin (00:28):
We want to make afan experience where when they come, it is magical.
Ann Brett Gillesepie Strickland (00:37):
Everything that’s utilized with the football program has to be hauled from our practice facility over here on game day.
Dale Calloway (00:46):
Helmets, shoulder pads, cleats. Anything you see on the field comes through my department in some shape, form or fashion. It’s kind of the unsung hero, behind-the-scenes work, the people that no one really knows what we do until it’s not done.
Jim Gaskin (01:01):
Everything we do here is all about the timing. Just a simple lift by the forklift actually can entertain having to move something 20 times to one. You have no idea what time that saves, I promise.
Ann Brett Gillesepie Strickland (01:19):
The forklift is used in a variety of ways. Not only is the facilities group here at football using it, but basketball and baseball. For graduation and there’s concerts and there’s other things where we need to move big stuff.
Jim Gaskin (01:36):
I’ve been driving forklifts for 20 years or more, on and off, and the Lilly Toyota brand has really blown away each and every one that I’ve ever been on
Ann Brett Gillesepie Strickland (01:54):
On game day, our fans walk into that stadium after tailgating in The Junction, and they bring their cow bells. And that experience is made possible by our partnerships, including the ones with Lilly and Toyota. And so they just help game day be the experience that everybody wants. Hail State!


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