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Toyota Reach Truck Video

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If you want to make your warehouse more productive while putting more money into your bottom line, Toyota’s Reach Truck is the truck you need. This truck will help you move from pick to pick as quickly as possible.


The Toyota Reach Truck features a multifunction control handle, best-in-class lift, and lower speeds. Your operators will thank you, as this truck is designed with the operator in mind. The rigid mast construction strength and load stability are there to assist operators. There is also a steering idler that connects the drive wheel and caster so that they turn together. The caster is not free-floating but is controlled when putting a pallet away or changing directions. 


Toyota’s inertial dampener system minimizes mast sway for increased operator confidence and a smooth ride when picking up or putting away pallets at a right angle. The open view mast gives operator’s greater visibility when picking. The open view mast design means operators can see both forks on either side of the truck. Also, optional fork-tip laser guides and carriage-mounted cameras give operators additional visibility of loads. The height tilt indicator shows the approximate height of the forks and indicates if the forks are level or tilted.


The Reach Truck features incredibly efficient AC Drive and Lift Motors to help maximize throughput while minimizing downtime. Along with that, this truck features regenerative lowering. Regenerative lowering returns energy to the battery when lowering the forks for even more efficient operations and reduced energy costs. 


This truck offers two operational stances, allowing you to decide which one best fits your needs. First is the fore/aft stance, where the operator faces toward the direction of travel. Second is the side stance, where the operator faces parallel to the direction of travel. The Toyota Reach Truck is the perfect combination of powerful performance and intelligent design.

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