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Toyota Stand-Up Rider Official Video

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Toyota’s Stand-Up Rider helps you get products around your warehouse as efficiently, quickly, and profitably as possible. The Stand-Up Rider now has a lifting capacity of up to 5,000 lbs. This truck can go up to twice as long by having a service interval of 500 hours vs. 250 hours comparing it to competitors.


The Stand-Up Rider offers some of the best industry speeds and optimized lift/ lower speeds. A key feature is the AC electrical system. The system leads to top performance throughout the entire battery cycle. This means you will be able to accomplish more work in between charges. There is a low step height on the operator compartment, making entering and exiting easy for on and off applications. The standard integral side shift provides side-to-side carriage movement, making it quite easy to carry a load.


The technology on the Stand-Up Rider is representative of Toyota’s forward-thinking momentum. The regenerative plugging or coasting allows for more energy per shift and more efficiency. The new Stand-Up Rider is compact in size, offering a dual steering wheel design. There is added maneuverability between narrow aisles as well. The optional operator compartment sensor system helps reinforce proper operator training by slowing the truck if an object is blocking the sensors.


Along with productivity, the Stand-Up Rider has additional operator comfort and support. In terms of visibility, the open and clear view out of the overhead mast guard helps the operator see in all directions. As for the forks, there is better, faster load engagement than previously. The multifunction control handle located on this truck gives the operator smooth ergonomic command of all functions, such as hydraulics. In the operator cabin, there is an added suspension design and cushion floor mat. These features isolate the operator from vibration and are ideal for dock work and travel over uneven surfaces. Additionally, there is an ergonomic three-tiered armrest. The Toyota Stand-Up Rider is here to support you through your efforts today.

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