Tracking forklift utilization can help you anticipate when replacement forklifts are needed and help avoid unnecessary costs. This calculator will calculate your approximate utilization rate to help right-size your fleet. Keep in mind, utilization rates can vary depending on seasonal demand. Utilization rates should be monitored for a significant period of time before influencing decision making policy.


Enter the number of shifts per day, the number of forklifts in operation and the hours per shift. Then collect all the daily hour meter reading from your forklifts, add them together and enter them in the Sum of Daily Hour Meter Readings field.

Shifts Per Day:
Number of Forklifts in Operation:
Hours Per Shift:
Forklift Usage:
Total Hour Meter Readings from Forklifts in Operation:

Estimated Utilization Percentage:
NOTE: This forklift utilization calculator can help estimate when replacement forklifts may be needed, but every application is different and places different demands upon your equipment. Don’t forget that many applications have different utilization rates throughout the year or over time. Consult with a qualified professional about your specific needs.

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