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Toyota Hand Pallet Jacks

What is a Hand Pallet Jack?

A hand pallet jack is used to easily move pallets and is typically a required tool within the material handling industry that is used in the warehouse or organizing pallets inside small spaces such as a truck trailer. Hand pallet jacks are often referenced as manual pallet jacks, hand pallet trucks, pump trucks, jiggers, hand trucks, or manual forklifts. All of these terms refer to the hand pallet jack offered by Toyota Material Handling.

Hand Pallet Jack Advantage

Why Choose a Hand Pallet Jack?

Toyota’s Hand Pallet Jacks are built with quality parts and a durable frame to ensure a low cost of ownership while maximizing uptime. With two wheel options, companies can choose the hand pallet jack that makes the most sense for their operation. The nylon wheel option is a tough jack that is resistant to damage from debris and spills for all your backroom or receiving operation needs. The polyurethane wheel option is a jack that makes pulling products through retail environments easy and convenient with a quiet and smooth operation that won’t damage floors. 

Industry Solutions

Hand Pallet Jacks for Various Industries

Toyota’s Hand Pallet Jacks can be used in a wide variety of industries, including general warehousing, food and freezer storage, beverage, general manufacturing, and retail. Toyota’s useful and durable hand pallet jacks are made to assist with all of your lighter loads.  

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