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Toyota Material Handling North America Announces 2020 University Research Program Grant Recipients at Modex


ATLANTA (March 10, 2020) — Toyota Material Handling North America (TMHNA) has selected two universities’ research proposals to receive funding through the TMHNA University Research Program.


TMHNA announced the recipients of grant funding during a joint press conference at MODEX 2020 held in conjunction with Material Handling Institute (MHI). The research proposals selected for funding include:


Dynamic Capacitive Wireless Charging System for Autonomous MH Vehicles


Proposal Author: Prof. Khurram Afridi, Cornell University


Material Handling for Industry 4.0 in Small and Medium Enterprises


Proposal Author: Prof. Jorge Dorribo Camba, Purdue University


The sponsored research program was created to drive the next generation of technology for the supply chain, logistics and material handling industries. The program encourages university professors and researchers to apply their knowledge of engineering and technical fields, drawing synergies and collaboration between collegiate research and TMHNA.


The University Research Program, now in its fourth year, attracted a record 44 research proposals from 30 leading universities across the country.


“Our University Research Program is reflective of Toyota’s mission to solve challenges creatively,” said Brett Wood, TMHNA President and CEO. “In partnering with leading universities, we seek to foster industry-led innovation by combining our resources and guidance with the fresh and new ideas coming out of academia. Together in the spirit of collaboration, we hope to build a better, safer, more efficient future for the material handling industry.”


To learn more about the TMHNA University Research Program including information on previously funded projects and how to apply, visit UniversityResearchProgram.com.


About Toyota Material Handling North America


Toyota Material Handling North America (TMHNA), the industry leader in forklift sales, is composed of two main group companies: Toyota Material Handling and The Raymond Corporation. One in three forklifts sold in North America is either a Toyota or Raymond product. With nearly 3 million square feet of manufacturing space, TMHNA is composed of five manufacturing plant locations: Columbus, Indiana; East Chicago, Indiana; Greene, New York; Muscatine, Iowa; and Oakville, Ontario, Canada that produce racking products and more than 1,500 forklifts per week. With an annual revenue of over $4 billion, TMHNA has more than 10,000 associates and more than 300 dealer locations to support Toyota and Raymond customers throughout North America.

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