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The Versatility Secret: Benefits of Multi-Purpose Material Handling Equipment

Posted: March 28, 2023
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Finding creative solutions to everyday challenges drives your business forward. Often, the available solutions are limited to the technology or equipment at your disposal. When it comes to material handling, we often think of automation when it comes to increasing efficiency and productivity. But what if I told you using more versatile pieces of equipment could be just as effective?

Why You Need Multi-Purpose Material Handling Equipment

Today, when you need to perform two separate tasks, you need two different forklifts and often two separate operators performing each function. This scenario presents a significant amount of inefficiency and waste. Entering and exiting each vehicle, inspecting it, and communicating between operators and business units to complete the work takes valuable time. Sometimes, the urge to reduce waste by other means can even result in cutting corners that end up resulting in unsafe operations.



Forklifts like Toyota’s Center Rider Stacker, however, enable you to perform multiple tasks with only one piece of equipment and one operator. It functions as a counterbalanced forklift thanks to the mast that can reach a lift height of 72” and a lifting capacity of 2,600 lbs. It can operate as a Low-Level Order Picker by leveraging a fast, efficient center rider design with the aforementioned mast to load pallets at an ergonomic height. Additionally, it completes the work of a Walkie Pallet Jack with its ability to safely load trailers and stage product.


Delivering all of this functionality in one package creates enormous benefits for warehousing, manufacturing, and distribution operations. With the Center Rider Stacker, you can lower your labor costs, operational costs, and overall equipment costs while improving productivity.


In addition to applications where it can replace full pieces of equipment, it can also reduce the workload of a variety of other pieces of equipment so they can focus on other key activities. It’s also an excellent choice for conveyor-level work, cross-dock applications, and narrow aisles.


Additionally, the Center Rider Stacker is equipped with optional lithium-ion battery technology that not only ensures versatile functionality but also enhances efficiency with extended operational hours and faster run times. This innovative solution contributes to a reduction in overall equipment costs while providing a sustainable material handling solution. 


To learn more about the Center Rider Stacker, please contact your local, authorized Toyota Forklift Dealer today. 


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