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Toyota Forklift Wet Disc Brakes Video

Toyota’s Forklift Wet Disc Brakes are available on Large IC Cushion, Paper Roll Special, Box Car Special, Mid IC Pneumatic, and Large IC Pneumatic Models. The Wet Disc Brakes replace traditional drum brakes. 


The Wet Disc Brakes function in a sealed environment covered in radiator-cooled hydraulic fluid. When the brake pedal is depressed, a series of rotors and discs inside the assembly contact each other, and the resulting friction slows and stops the forklift. The brakes, though, cool in the fluid bath.  


Wet Disc Brakes offer smooth transactions, even in the harshest of environments. Toyota’s Wet Disc Brakes are fully sealed, resisting the impact of mud, sand, debris, and moisture. The damage of moisture buildup in a forklift’s wheels can cause premature wear and tear, especially on the tires. With radiator-cooled hydraulic fluid transfers heat away from the brakes, heat dissipates from the drivetrain and the tires too.  


A Wet Disc Brake system has no drums or brake pads that require regular maintenance or replacement under normal use, cutting down costs on your end. Also, the brakes self-adjust for wear over time, providing a virtually maintenance-free system. What is the result of using Toyota’s Wet Disc Brakes? It is tremendous stopping power, brakes that won’t become overheated, and an expected 10-year or 20,000-hour lifespan. 

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