Product Title

Internal Combustion Forklift

Indoor Giant

High-Capacity Large Cushion Forklift

  • 25,000 - 100,000 lb. Lifting Capacity
  • High-Capacity Cooling System
  • 5.7 L V8 Engine


They said all the heavy lifting was happening outside. But Toyota knows that sometimes hauling high capacity loads is an inside job. The Toyota High-Capacity Large IC Cushion Forklift is an indoor mammoth of a machine. Ideal for automotive environments and moving steel inside manufacturing facilities, it gives you the ability to lift up to 100,000 lbs. of the meanest metal around. And with one of the leading engines in its class, the Toyota High-Capacity Large Cushion Forklift is as dependable as it is strong.

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  • 8.6

    MPH Max. Travel Speed

  • 3

    Speed Dana Power Transmission

  • 12

    Volt Electrical System

360 Degrees of Quality, Durability, Reliability & Value

  • 2-Stage Wide Visible Mast
  • Engine Shutdown System
  • Bolted Open Core Radiator
  • heavy-Duty Steel Axle
  • Dual-Action Steer Cylinder
  • Anti--Vibration Drive Line Mounts

Ease of Service

  • Left, Right, and Floorboard Service Panels
  • Hydraulic Multi-Gauge
  • In-Cab Electrical Box
  • Side Plate Access Drive Train

Continued Performance

More forklift owners are seeking out equipment that will help them keep lifting for years in the future. Toyota offers some of the top-manufactured equipment on the market, and the High-Capacity Cushion forklift is one of our most dependable big application models. To keep this and all of your other Toyota manufactured equipment running long into the future, consider a Planned Maintenance (PM) plan, where trained Toyota technicians will use only Toyota Genuine Parts to keep your rig lifting and moving.

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A Focus on Safety

"Safe Work is 'the gate' to all work. Let us pass through this gate."

Eiji Toyoda , Former Toyota Senior Managing Director

Operator Comfort & Productivity

High-Capacity Large Cushion Ergomomics

  • Finger-Tip Hydraulic Controls
  • Tilt Steering Column
  • 2 ¾ Turn Lock-to-Lock Steering Wheel
  • Left Hand Shift Lever
  • Low-Height, Non-Skid Steps

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Specs - High-Capacity Large Cushion Forklift

  • 25,000 - 100,00 lbs. Lifting Capacity

  • 9.7 - 10.3 MPH Travel Speed Full Load

  • 13 Model Types Available

Length to Forkface

136 - 184 in

Overhead Guard Height

103.6 - 118.8 in.

Overall Width

62 - 85.5 in.

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