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CB18 Automated Guided Forklift

The CB18 Automated Guided Forklift (AGF) is the flexible automated solution you need to accomplish all of your material handling challenges. With a lifting capacity of up to 4,000 lbs. and a lift height of up to 176 in., the CB18 Automated Guided Forklift excels at transporting heavy loads through your warehouse or distribution center. By utilizing natural features navigation, this automated solution effortlessly follows programmed paths without requiring additional infrastructure or operators.  

Special Features
  • 176 in. Lift Height
  • Natural Features Navigation
  • 48V Lithium-Ion Battery


CB18 Automated Guided Forklift Specifications

Learn more about the current CB18 Automated Guided Forklift models that are available for purchase. 


Load Capacity



Field of View



Lift Height


Models for the CB18 Automated Guided Forklift

Model Load Capacity (lbs.) Max Travel Speed Full Load (MPH) Max Gradeability Full Load (%) Basic Right Angle Stack (in.) Battery Voltage (V)
CB18 4,000 6.7 N/A 74.85 48

* Based on 24" Load center ** Add load length and clearance


Product specifications may not reflect the most current product details. Authorized Toyota dealers retain the most current product specifications. All specifications should be verified by an authorized Toyota dealer prior to purchase.

large blue automated forklift that is used to transport heavy loads through warehouse or distribution center


Automated Pallet Handling

The CB18 Automated Guided Forklift is a solution for a variety of tasks and material handling needs. Equipped with a three-stage mast the CB18 can reach up to 176 in. without compromising load stability. Adjustable forks and dynamic scanning of the environment promotes proper load handling for standard and oversized pallets. 

CB18 Automated Guided Forklift Features

The CB18 Automated Guided Forklift is powered by LIDAR technology, which identifies objects in its environment and compares them to its virtual map allowing the CB18 to follow programmed paths. Combined with a 360-degree field of view and a 58 in. turn radius, the CB18 can navigate in your facility without needing to rearrange or make infrastructure changes.

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