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48V Electric Pneumatic Forklift

In material handling, the last things you need are limitations. Utilizing different trucks for indoor and outdoor work creates inefficiencies that ultimately impact your bottom line. When you need raw power to tackle outdoor challenges and efficient, environmentally friendly operation indoors, look no further than Toyota’s 48V Electric Pneumatic Forklift.

Special Features
  • 3,000-5,000 lb. Lifting Capacity
  • System of Active Stability (SAS)™
  • AC Drive & Lift Motors


48V Electric Pneumatic Forklift Specifications

Learn more about the current Toyota 48V Electric Pneumatic Forklift models that are available for purchase. 

3,000 - 4,000

Load Capacity



Travel Speed Full Load





Length to Forkface

79.3 - 83.5 in.

Overhead Guard Height

80.9 in.

Overall Width

41.7 - 45.4 in.

Models for 48V Electric Pneumatic Forklift

Model Load Capacity (lbs.) Max Travel Speed Full Load (MPH) Max Lift Speed Full Load (FPM) Max Gradeability Full Load (%) Basic Right Angle Stack (in.)
8FBH15 3,000 9 83 12-19 85.6
8FBM16T 3,000 12.4 84.6 15.3 - 24.2 93.2
8FBMK16T 3,000 12.4 84.6 17.3 - 23.6 89
8FBH18 3,500 9 73 11-18 86
8FBM18T 3,500 12.4 82.7 15.3 - 21 93.2
8FBH20 4,000 9 71 15-22 94.5
8FBM20T 4,000 12.4 74.8 13.4 - 18.3 93.2
8FBMK20T 4,000 12.4 74.8 13.4 - 18.3 90.2
8FBH25 5,000 8.7 67 12-20 95.7

* Based on 24" Load center ** Add load length and clearance


Product specifications may not reflect the most current product details. Authorized Toyota dealers retain the most current product specifications. All specifications should be verified by an authorized Toyota dealer prior to purchase.


Versatility For Any Operation

Toyota designed and built AC Motors to power the 48V Electric Pneumatic to new levels of productivity and efficiency while delivering low-maintenance operation. Regenerative braking returns unused energy to the battery during operation. The multifunction display offers truck information right at your fingertips. 


Add in completely programmable performance and power select capabilities to fine-tune your operation, and you have one powerful and versatile machine designed to increase your productivity and profitability.

48V Electric Pneumatic Features

Designed with the operator in mind, the 48V Electric Pneumatic comes equipped with amenities to help do their job quickly and efficiently. Standard mini-lever controls offer comfortable and ergonomic material handling while minimizing movement.* Mast options with excellent visibility, an adjustable, slim steering column, and a low dashboard, deliver excellent visibility during travel and load handling.

An automatic parking brake engages when the truck stops and disengages when the driving direction is selected and the accelerator is pressed. Standard wet disc brakes deliver smooth, powerful stopping power with minimal maintenance costs. Hydraulic power steering provides a 100° steering angle and comes with steering synchronization to maintain steering wheel alignment. Standard automatic parking brakes engage when the truck stops and disengage when the driving direction is selected, and the accelerator is pressed. *

Built using the Toyota Production System, this 48V Electric Pneumatic Forklift gives operators the highest levels of quality, durability, and reliability of internal combustion trucks, with the speed and economic advantages of an electric forklift. This forklift can operate indoors and out while protecting operators from the elements. 

*only available on models 8FBM(K)/8FBH


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48V Electric Pneumatic Forklift

Options / Accessories

Popular 48V Electric Pneumatic Accessories

Make the most of your 48V Electric Pneumatic Forklift by considering additional options and accessories. A Toyota Forklift can be designed to meet your operational needs. An authorized Toyota Dealer can assist you in developing the best forklift that can help you with your company’s biggest challenges.

Cabin Option

A variety of cab options provide increased operator comfort from outdoor conditions.

cabin option for electric forklift

Blue Light

Mounted to the overhead guard, the blue light provides awareness around the forklift.

bluelight on back of forklift

Seatbelt Interlock

Restricts operation until the operator is properly seated and buckled.


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