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Toyota Heavy Duty Container Handler Solutions

Posted: March 28, 2023
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In order for ports and terminals to operate smoothly, containers need to be transported quickly and safely. The Toyota Container Handlers do just that. Engineered for fast lifting cycles, reliable operation and efficient serviceability, the Toyota Container Handlers are rugged beasts that handle like dreams.


The Toyota Container Handlers are complete with excellent all-around visibility with elevated cab positions, angled overhead windows and wide view masts. The unique mast designs offers improved durability and reduced torsional stress. There isn’t a detail Toyota has missed when it comes to the new Container Handlers.


As a cherry on top of this invaluable workhorse, the new Toyota Container Handler is made entirely in the U.S.A. and the components are sourced from reputable companies like Dana, Cummins and Parker.

Four Reasons You Need a Toyota Container Handler

The Toyota Loaded Container Handler speaks for itself in the amount of productivity and efficiency it creates for customers throughout North America. But if a boost to productivity and efficiency isn’t enough for you to say ‘yes’ to a Toyota Container Handler, consider these four other reasons you should:


Though the conditions you work in might not be comfortable, the Toyota Container Handler is. Rugged applications, meet luxury. This is the new Toyota Container Handler. With everything from an elevated cab position, to a cab heater and operator fan and air ride seat, operators will remain comfortable and productive throughout long shifts.


When we say this forklift is tough, we mean it. The Toyota Container Handlers are built with a Cummins engine and a Dana transmission and can stack up to six containers high for the Loaded Container Handler. Tough is an understatement when it comes to this Toyota forklift.


It’s so easy to maintain, your uptime is sure to increase. Every minute your forklift is down, you’re losing money. The good news is, the Toyota Container Handler has been built to be easy to maintain and quick to repair so that on the off chance your container handler goes down, you’ll be up and running in no time.


It has been built for the inevitable conditions at ports. Moisture is not a forklift’s friend, but it’s inevitable at a shipping port near the ocean. The Toyota Container Handler has been finished with a two-part rust-inhibiting polyurethane base coat and two-part polyurethane top coat for corrosion protection and a longer life.

Features of the Toyota Loaded Container Handler

The Toyota Loaded Container Handler is one of the strongest beasts in the material handling industry, but what makes it unique? The nine most impressive features on the Toyota Loaded Container Handler are listed below in no particular order.


1. It has been built with the Cummins 10.8 Liter, 330 turbocharged diesel engine; Tier III-compliant. Durable and reliable is an understatement.

2. The featured elevated cab creates unmatched visibility.

3. 100% of the Toyota Container Handler is built in the U.S.A.

4. It can maneuver a massive 90,000 lbs.

5. It has been designed and tested to meet or exceed current, worldwide regulations for stability, sound levels and safety.

6. A two-part rust-inhibiting polyurethane base coat and two-part polyurethane top coat covers the Loaded Container Handler to shield against the investible moisture at ports.

7. A Dana 32,000 powershift transmission with three forward/reverse speeds works alongside the Cummins engine creating one of the most powerful forklifts ever.

8. The operator cab has been designed with an incredible level of detail to keep operators comfortable and equipped for work.

9. Technicians can reach the entire drivetrain, hydraulics and filters via hinged panels and hoods supported by gas shocks.


Yes, the Toyota Loaded Container Handler is an attractive piece of equipment, but it’s what on the inside that counts. It’s your productivity and uptime that matters most. You can count on the Toyota Loaded Container Handler to be one of your business’ best allies. Learn about all of the features of the Loaded Container Handler by requesting a product brochure.

The Toyota Reach Stacker Container Handler

The versatile Toyota Reach Stacker offers material handling solutions for port, intermodal, or even industrial operations. Whether it’s stacking containers, loading/unloading trailers, or transporting wind turbine components, the Toyota Reach Stacker can be adapted to handle a wide array of heavy lift applications.


The Toyota Reach Stacker features an independently powered moveable cab; inclination and optical distance sensors; and a robust boom and attachment structure designed for one million cycles. The Reach Stacker offers models and options to accommodate several applications, including front stabilizers for second rail operations and increased third row capabilities, as well as wide twist-lock, pin-style and trailer attachments.


While focusing on strength and comfort, we also understand that time is money. That’s why the Toyota Reach Stacker is engineered to provide optimal operating and fuel efficiency with the powerful Cummins diesel engine inside. Features such as variable pumps adjust oil flow accordingly to provide quicker lifting cycles while also reducing fuel consumption.


As an added bonus, the Reach Stacker is completely made in the USA and most of the components are made here too.

Toyota Container Handler FAQs

Where are container handlers most frequently used?


Container handlers are most commonly used in ports and terminals where containers are shipped and received.


What is the maximum load capacity for the Toyota Loaded Container Handler?


The Loaded Container Handler has a maximum load capacity of 90,000  lbs.


What engine powers the Toyota Container Handler?


The Loaded Container Handler is powered by the Cummins QSM-11, 335 HP turbocharged diesel, Tier-compliant. Tier 4i engines are also available as options and Tier 4F engines are currently available through Toyota Special Design Requests and will be available as options in the near future.


What kind of mast do these forklifts use?


The container handlers are complete with a wide-view mast with nested cylinders and chains for increased visibility. High-load, wear-resistant composite plastic side thrust bearings have been added for improved performance and life.

Other Toyota Heavy Duty Outdoor Solutions

The Toyota High-Capacity IC Pneumatic


Toyota’s High-Capacity IC Pneumatic Forklift is the largest forklift in Toyota’s product line. With a lift capacity up to 125,000 lbs., this large, rugged diesel forklift can handle almost any heavy load. You can spot this monstrosity loading and unloading large shipping containers or on the construction site. The High-Capacity IC Pneumatic Forklift provides lifting solutions for extremely heavy applications.


Forklifts Fit for the Marina


Boats are massive and long and present unique challenges when moving them on land. Toyota has marinas and boat manufacturers covered with the High-Capacity Marina Forklift. Talk about making waves! The Marina Forklift is custom built to your unique needs so you’ll be certain to get the right piece of equipment for the right job. No matter your customization, each comes equipped with negative lift functionality to lift and lower your boats into and out of the water.

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