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Reach Stacker Container Handler

The Toyota Reach Stacker Container Handler is used to handle a diverse range of heavy-lift applications, from loading and unloading trailers to transporting wind turbine components. The Toyota Reach Stacker Container Handler can stack up to five containers high with a reach depth of three rows and lifting capacity of up 99,000 lbs.

Special Features
  • Up to 99,000 lb. Lifting Capacity
  • Reach Depths of 3 Rows
  • Diesel Powered


Reach Stacker Container Handler Specifications

Learn more about the current Reach Stacker Container Handler models that are available for purchase.

Up To 99,000

Load Capacity


19.3 - 20.1

Travel Speed Full Load



Fuel Type

Models for Reach Stacker Container Handler

Model Load Capacity (lbs.) Max Travel Speed Full Load (MPH) Max Lift Speed Full Load (FPM) Max Gradeability Full Load (%) Basic Right Angle Stack (in.)
THD9900-R60 99,000 (1st row) / 60,000 (2nd row) / 30,000 (3rd row) 19.3 60 18.2 480 (20' cont.) / 565 (40' cont.)
THD9900-R68 99,000 (1st row) / 68,000 (2nd row) / 34,000 (3rd row) 19.3 60 17.5 480 (20' cont.) / 565 (40' cont.)
THD9900-R73 99,000 (1st row) / 72,600 (2nd row) / 38,500 (3rd row) 19.3 60 17.2 480 (20' cont.) / 565 (40' cont.)
THD9900-R77 99,000 (1st row) / 77,000 (2nd row) / 44,000 (3rd row) 19.3 60 16.9 480 (20' cont.) / 565 (40' cont.)
THD9900-R85 99,000 (1st row) / 85,000 (2nd row) / 47,000 (3rd row) 20.1 60 15.8 508 (20' cont.) / 586 (40' cont.)
THD9900-R90 99,000 (1st row) / 90,000 (2nd row) / 68,000 (3rd row) 20.1 60 15.6 508 (20' cont.) / 586 (40' cont.)

* Based on 24" Load center ** Add load length and clearance


Product specifications may not reflect the most current product details. Authorized Toyota dealers retain the most current product specifications. All specifications should be verified by an authorized Toyota dealer prior to purchase.

Reach Stacker moving container


Container Stacking Champion

Toyota’s Reach Stackers can handle a diverse range of heavy-lift applications, from loading and unloading trailers to transporting wind turbine components. The THD9900-R90 also offers front stabilizers for second and third rail operations. Twistlock camera systems, trailer leg modules, and rear container guides are also available to handle your specific application’s needs. With Toyota’s Reach Stacker, you’ll get unmatched operator visibility and ergonomic features that provide more safety, more comfort, and more productivity.

Reach Stacker Container Handler Features

Every forklift in the Toyota THD line comes equipped with an MD4 7-inch Touchscreen Display. It combines the rugged power of the THD model lineup with the latest advancements in forklift technology to put ultimate customization, advanced diagnostics, and pertinent forklift information right at your fingertips.

Toyota’s Reach Stacker Container Handler has a stacking capacity of up to five 9x6 containers high and can reach depths of three rows. This powerhouse performer has up to a 275-inch wheelbase along with a 78-inch load center.

Every component of the Toyota Reach Stacker Container Handler is not just assembled in the United States, but manufactured in the U.S. as well. In fact, the frame, mast, and all other major components are made in the same plant, which allows Toyota to manage and maintain an unmatched level of consistency and quality.

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Reach Stacker Container Handler

Options / Accessories

Popular Reach Stacker Container Handler Accessories

Make the most of your Reach Stacker Container Handler by considering additional options and accessories. A Toyota Forklift can be customized to meet your operational needs. An authorized Toyota Dealer can assist you in developing the best forklift that can help you with your company’s biggest material handling challenges.

Twistlock Snapshot Camera

The Twistlock Snapshot Camera System captures images of containers and spreader engagement before and after each container is handled.

Public PNG Reach Stacker Close Up 3

Ground Level Monitoring Kit

Monitoring devices to record ground-level activity around the forklift.

Public JPG Reach Stacker Close Up 7

4-Corner Object Detection Radar

High-resolution radar sensor to detect both moving and stationary objects behind the forklift.

Public JPG High Capacity Core IC Application pneumatique 46

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