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Can You Drive Electric Forklifts Outside?

Posted: March 28, 2023
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Toyota’s Electric Pneumatic Forklifts with Indoor & Outdoor Versatility

What do you think of when you hear the word forklift? Powerful, efficient, maybe even resilient. Maybe your first thought goes to indoor warehouse models such as the Toyota Stand-Up Rider or Reach Truck, but did you know electric models can also be used outside? Electric forklifts can provide just as much power and fortitude as IC forklifts, all while being environmentally friendly. Toyota’s new line of Electric Pneumatic Forklifts combines the reliability, low maintenance, and versatility that you have come to expect from Toyota.


With capacities ranging from 13,000-17,500 lbs., Toyota’s 48V and 80V Electric Pneumatic Forklifts are ready to tackle any challenge, both indoor and outdoor. Explore these frequently asked questions regarding the use of electric forklifts outside.

Outdoor Electric Forklift Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to tell which forklifts are safe to operate outdoors?

Before you decide to take your electric forklift outside, it’s essential first to identify the IP code commonly found on your forklift’s rating plate. This code will help you determine if your forklift can and should be used outside. The rating plate begins with “IP” followed by two numbers. The first digit after “IP” indicates the forklift’s protection from heavy objects, while the second digit denotes the equipment’s ability to withstand water. The solid object protection ranges from 0-6, with the lowest number indicating no solid object protection. Similarly, the water protection ranges from 0-8, with 0 meaning the forklift is not protected from water and 8 meaning it is capable of being submerged in up to 3 meters of water.

2. Can electric forklifts operate in the rain?

While electric forklifts are designed to operate indoors as well as outdoors, some are designed to withstand more harsh weather conditions than others. It’s important to check your forklift’s IP code, which indicates the varying degree of protection your forklift has against solid objects and liquid.

3. What safety precautions should I take when operating outdoors?

After confirming your forklift can operate in the rain, it’s important to have proper safety procedures in place to keep your operators safe during inclement weather.


  • Make sure to utilize your lights and horn in the event of low visibility in the rain, snow, or other conditions.
  • Drive slowly to avoid instant braking and potential accidents.
  • Be sure the enclosed cab of the forklift is shut and secure to prevent water or other elements from entering and damaging the cab’s interior.
  • Ensure your team of operators wears protective gear such as jackets, boots, or vests to prevent injury due to limited visibility.


Some of the most common electric forklifts used outdoors are Toyota’s 48V and 80V Electric Pneumatic Forklifts. These versatile lifts come equipped with regenerative braking, which recirculates power back into the battery when the forklift begins to slow down. This allows for increased productivity, extended battery time, and reduced charging time, thereby reducing your operation’s overall energy consumption.


Remember, if you need help deciding which electric forklift is right for your outdoor operation, contact your authorized Toyota Forklift Dealer, and they will gladly assist you.

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