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Ways to Keep Your Toyota Running Like A Toyota

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Posted: July 02, 2018
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When you purchase a new Toyota Forklift, you will want to make sure that you are doing everything you can to help it have a long life. Nobody likes downtime, which is why you should take the necessary steps to ensure that your forklift will continually be in top shape. Below are some of the ways you can help!

Steps To Take To Ensure Your Toyota Runs Like A Toyota

Make Sure Your Operators Are Trained

Your operators must be trained to operate a forklift. This is required by Toyota and OSHA. The training you provide must comply with OSHA regulations for forklift operator training and should also cover safety considerations unique to your workplace and site. The risks associated with forklift driving can’t be ignored, and a lack of training is a leading contributor to forklift accidents. Make sure that everyone who will be operating a forklift gets the proper training and education. Improper training could also lead to fines. In addition to the safety ramifications to operators and others posed by untrained forklift operators, untrained operators can improperly use the equipment, leading to increased wear and tear.


If you are trained to drive an IC cushion forklift, it does not mean you have the required training to operate a Stand-Up Rider or 3 Wheel Electric. OSHA regulations require that operators be trained on each piece of material handling equipment they will use. Each forklift has its own features and operating characteristics, and operators need to be trained in all areas. Remember, operators must be retrained every three years to keep up with safe practices.


Complete your daily walk around


This one may seem easy, but it is something that a lot of people forget to do. Running a daily walk around before you operate your forklift has many different benefits. This will help keep operators and pedestrians safe and your product and forklifts from potentially being damaged. It can help catch small problems before they become serious issues.

Plan For Future Maintenance

Forklifts work hard. Sometimes they are running all day and all night. When one goes down, it can be an extremely unpleasant process. This is why you should make sure you plan for regular maintenance. With every planned maintenance plan from Toyota, you’ll get the Toyota 360 promise, our dedication to making sure your forklift continues to run like a Toyota.

Use Toyota Genuine Parts

If you are driving around one of the orange Toyota Forklifts, your machine runs on Toyota Genuine Parts. These are parts that are specifically designed to fit our forklifts and keep them running. There comes a time when those parts may need replacing, and you should always contact your Toyota Dealership to receive new Toyota Genuine Parts or order them online at the MyToyota Store. It is the only place you can get them, so don’t be fooled by imitators.

Using Toyota 360 With Your Forklifts

Toyota 360 is more than just a service you can add to your Toyota Forklift. It is a promise that we will be there for you throughout the entire life of your ownership. Toyota 360 combines Toyota Technicians, Toyota Genuine Parts, and our Extra Care Warranty programs, all working together to keep your Toyota running! Along with a four-hour emergency service response time, Toyota Certified technicians will help keep your Toyota out of downtime. Toyota 360 is a comprehensive support promise that combines all of the above! The more ways you plan to prevent damage or breakdowns, the better chances you have of keeping that forklift going safely and efficiently.


At Toyota, we know that your forklift is more than just a forklift. Taking the appropriate steps to ensure your forklift is in tip top shape is vital to the success of your business. For more information on how you can begin implementing the steps above, reach out to your authorized Toyota Forklift dealer today.

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