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What is a Side-Entry End Rider?

Posted: March 28, 2023
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Toyota’s Side-Entry End Rider is an ergonomically friendly, electric-powered pallet jack that provides operators with the option to enter the truck from either side. Offered in a 6,000 and 8,000 lb. capacity, the forward-facing operator position allows operators to have a clear line of sight while picking and placing loads. It is the ideal truck for dock work, cross-warehouse hauling, and low-level order picking.


Discover the productivity-enhancing features of this pallet jack and why you may consider adding it to your fleet.

Advantages of the Side-Entry End Rider Pallet Jack

The Side-Entry End Rider Pallet Jack is equipped with a best-in-class turning radius, and easy pallet entry and exit to get the job done. The forward-facing operator position provides a clear line of sight for operators when picking and placing loads. The Side-Entry End Rider keeps operators comfortable while increasing uptime with an AC drive motor and programmable performance.


Key Features Include:


  • Standard Power Steering decreases the amount of effort required to steer and increases operator comfort and efficiency.
  • Multifunction Control Handle with ergonomically positioned handgrips, dual thumbwheels, and lift, lower, and horn buttons for simplified operation of all controls with either hand.
  • Programmable Fork Height Travel Speed Limit helps prevent wear by slowing travel when the forks are fully lowered which can cause premature wear of the undercarriage.



Want to further customize your pallet jack? The Side-Entry End Rider has a variety of options including accessory bars, storage trays, optional lithium-ion battery capability, and heavy-duty casters. The option for cold storage conditioning provides protection to the bearings, bushings, and steel pins so the pallet jack can be used in cold environments. The pin code access pad option reduces the potential for unauthorized users, allowing up to 10 different options. 

Pallet Jacks Available from Toyota

  • Enclosed End Rider Pallet Jack – The Enclosed End Rider Pallet Jack offers a side stance operating position that enables operators to easily change direction and travel long runs. It is equipped with electric power steering and an AC drive motor for increased operator comfort and smooth travel.
  • Center-Controlled Rider Pallet Jack – The Center-Controlled Rider Pallet Jack doubles as a floor-level order picker and has an operator platform in the middle of the truck. It comes equipped with a fork height travel interlock to train operators to travel with the forks raised.
  • End-Controlled Rider Pallet Jack– The End-Controlled Rider Pallet Jack provides an operator platform at the end of the pallet jack, for easier entry and exit, which also doubles as a Low-Level Order Picker. The multifunction control handle with ergonomic controls offers a simplified operation for controlling the truck with either hand. 


For more information about Toyota's Side-Entry End Rider, contact your local, authorized Toyota Dealer. 

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