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Electric Forklift Solutions for Every Need

Toyota Electric Forklifts provide industry-leading efficiency to carry your operation toward success! Combined with the power to meet any material handling challenges, electric forklifts are widely applicable in a wide variety of industries. 


Toyota Electric forklifts are manufactured in the world-renowned Toyota Production System to ensure top quality. Using AC power where possible, these elite products are built for efficiency and low maintenance – meaning you can get more done while getting maximum uptime!

Operator Assist Technology

Toyota Smart Environment Sensors

Toyota's SEnS+ Smart Environment Sensor Plus™ (SEnS+) and SEnS Smart Environment Sensor® (SEnS) cameras have been exclusively designed for forklifts to detect objects and pedestrians in the detection range. These sensors are compatiable with Toyota's 3-Wheel Electric Forklift and Core Electric Forklift. SEnS+ is compatiable with new forklifts while SEnS can be retrofitted for these product or it can be added to new models.

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