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Toyota’s Revolution: Becoming Your Full-Line Material Handling Solutions Provider

Posted: August 06, 2019
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The world is changing faster every day, and the material handling industry is changing with it. To stay at the top and meet the needs of our customers, Toyota is changing, too.


Traditionally, Toyota Material Handling’s (TMH) core business has been as a forklift manufacturer, selling primarily to customers that move pallets. And while Toyota will remain focused on the “forklift core” and the needs of these customers, TMH continues to evolve to support a wider range of customers, too.


The middle section of the chart above represents TMH’s traditional business, including products such as the 3-wheel electric forkliftstand-up riderselectric walkiesorder pickers, and 4-wheel electric and IC forklifts.


Toyota Industries Corporation’s (TICO’s) strategic acquisitions of Bastian Solutions and Vanderlande have allowed TMH to also address customer challenges in the bottom section of the chart by providing case- and piece-picking solutions in an increasingly automated world.


And the recent acquisition of Hoist Material Handling by Toyota Industries North America (TINA) provides TMH with an avenue to offer solutions to cargo and container customers in the top section of the chart with Toyota Heavy Duty (THD) trucks.


Hoist has nearly 25 years of experience manufacturing heavy-duty cushion tire and pneumatic tire forklifts, reach stackers, container handlers, and other material handling equipment — ranging in lift capacity from 7 to 57 tons.


Each of these acquisitions — Bastian, Vanderlande, and Hoist — supports Toyota’s revolutionary vision of transforming the world’s No. 1 forklift manufacturer into the world’s No. 1 full-line material handling solutions provider.


Toyota has stepped outside of its proverbial comfort zone and continues to think innovatively to ensure that for every challenge you face, it can provide a reliable solution for your supply chain.

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