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Toyota Material Handling Electric Products: Official Videos

Posted: March 28, 2023
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Toyota Forklift Electric Products

Toyota’s full line of Electric Material Handling Solutions helps our customers get the job done, no matter how large or small the task. Whether you’re looking to acquire your first Toyota Forklift or want to expand your fleet, use these videos as a guide to determine which product(s) is the right fit for you.

Toyota Electric Forklifts:

Toyota’s Electric Forklifts are not only designed to protect the environment but are made with fewer moving parts, making them easier to maintain and less likely to experience wear and tear. Our electric forklifts are used in a wide variety of applications, including manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, beverage, and retail, and our indoor and outdoor options are made to increase your efficiency and help you get the job done.

3-Wheel Electric Forklift

The 3-Wheel Electric Forklift leads the industry in travel speed and run time and can fit into the narrowest of aisles.

Core Electric Forklift

The Toyota Core Electric Forklift offers great versatility and maintains high levels of productivity with its fast full-load travel speed.

Core Electric Turret Forklift

The Core Electric Turret Forklift allows operators the flexibility to load and unload products from different directions while maintaining narrow aisle capabilities.

Stand-Up Rider Forklift

The Stand-Up Rider Forklift offers unique dock-to-stock capabilities that make it one of Toyota’s most adaptable products.

48V and 80V Electric Pneumatic Forklifts

The 48V and 80V Electric Pneumatic Forklifts are built to handle rugged outdoor work in changing weather conditions and offer a green alternative to IC forklifts for outside applications.

High-Capacity Electric Cushion Forklift

The Toyota High-Capacity Electric Cushion Forklift gives you the versatility to lift massive loads without the need for a traditional IC engine.

Toyota Electric Pallet Jacks:

Toyota’s Electric Pallet Jacks allow you to do more in less time with increased productivity in pedestrian applications. Used in various industries such as food and beverage, retail, and manufacturing, Toyota’s Electric Pallet Jacks allow you to navigate even the narrowest aisles with ease and offer unparalleled versatility. These products are perfectly suited for applications that don’t necessarily require large sit-downs options.

Electric Walkie Pallet Jack

The Electric Walkie Pallet Jack is an ideal solution for unloading and loading trailers while making mid-distance runs quicker and easier.

Enclosed End Rider Pallet Jack

The Enclosed End Rider offers heavy-duty construction and increased operator comfort to contribute to productivity. 

Low Level Order Picker

The Low Level Order Picker allows operators to efficiently and quickly fill and pick orders to increase productivity. 

Toyota Electric Pallet Stackers:

Pallet stacker forklifts are great for lifting pallets in some of the largest warehouse applications. Toyota’s Electric Pallet Stackers can be used for transporting products over short distances and lifting pallets where a traditional forklift isn’t necessary. These products are ideal for loading and unloading trucks when a loading dock or forklift is unavailable.

Electric Walkie Stacker

The Electric Walkie Stacker offers a reliable and efficient warehouse stacking solution for the busiest of spaces.

Toyota Electric Reach Trucks:

Toyota’s Reach Truck models offer breakthrough lifting heights and capacities, making it easy to transport and store materials quickly and efficiently. Reach Trucks are suitable for a variety of industries such as warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing plants.

Reach Truck

The Reach Truck allows operators to navigate narrow aisles and feel secure in fork placement when placing and pulling pallets from high racks.

Multidirectional Reach Truck

The Multidirectional Reach Truck allows sideways travel for reduced in aisle maneuvering and efficient moving of wide loads.

Toyota Electric Order Pickers:

Toyota’s Order Pickers can reach heights of up to 390″ and are used at elevations higher than the second level of racking in a warehouse or distribution center. This piece of equipment is used to assist operators in comfortably reaching the tallest racks for order picking. Order pickers can easily maneuver narrow aisles in warehouses with minimized rack impact during case picking.

Order Picker

With lift heights up to 390 inches and cushioned mast staging, Toyota’s Order Picker solves the most challenging high-reaching warehouse needs.

Furniture Order Picker

The Furniture Order Picker allows operators to move large and bulky items with ease.

Learn More About Toyota Material Handling

Toyota Material Handling is proud to introduce its newest lineup of electric forklift products. With the increased growth of Toyota’s zero-emission product line, there is certainly a Material Handling Solution available to assist with your needs. Contact your local authorized Toyota Forklift dealer to learn more as well as help direct your first steps into converting your fleet.

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