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Electric Products for Any Warehousing Need

Electric forklift warehouse application
Posted: March 28, 2023
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Keeping a warehouse running smoothly and productively is one of the biggest challenges facing business operators across a wide variety of industries. Whether you’re moving pallets full of food, large stacks of tires, or other materials ready for distribution, choosing the right forklift can mean a world of difference in levels of productivity.


Toyota’s line of electric material handling equipment is diverse and includes forklifts, electric walkie pallet jacks, electric stackers, order pickers, and reach trucks. All of these options increase your uptime because of low maintenance requirements, drastically cutting the fuel cost of your fleet and producing no fuel exhausts. 


With lifting capacities ranging from 2,000-17,500 lbs., Toyota offers an electric option for almost any warehousing application. Here are just a few options that help make Toyota your full-line material handling equipment supplier.


3-Wheel Electric Forklift:

The Toyota 3-Wheel Electric Forklift lets your operators maneuver tight aisles effortlessly. It can operate nimbly in spaces under 10’ because of its zero-turn radius and compact manufacturing. A standout feature of this forklift is its lithium-ion battery that helps increase productivity and sustained performance shift after shift. 

Core Electric Forklift:

The Toyota Core Electric Forklift is one of the most versatile products available for your warehouse needs. Offering a 6,500 lb. lift capacity and the ability to navigate 11 ft. aisles, the Core Electric is a must-have for operations in large warehouse spaces. It's lithium-ion battery also ensures the forklift maintains consistent power delivery, ensuring that it operates at peak efficiency until the end of the day. 

Large Electric Forklift:

Toyota’s Large Electric Forklift gets the job done quietly and reliably. With 12,000 pounds of lifting power, it is a zero-emissions ride that is perfect for your toughest warehousing challenges, even in the food and beverage industries. It speaks softly and carries a big lift.

Stand-Up Rider Forklift:

The Toyota Stand-Up Rider Forklift is a warehouse solution for highly mobile operators. If your warehouse applications call for operators to constantly get on and off their forklift, the Stand-Up Rider might be the right fit in tight spaces. Additionally, for enhances performance and reduced downtime, the Stand-Up Rider is available with advanced lithium-ion technology, providing a reliable and efficient power source for operators on the move. 

48V Electric Pneumatic Forklift:

Designed with the operator in mind, the 48V Electric Pneumatic comes equipped with amenities to help do the job quickly and efficiently. Standard mini-lever controls offer comfortable and ergonomic material handling while minimizing movement.

80V Electric Pneumatic Forklift:

With its rugged design, The Toyota 80V Electric Pneumatic Forklift is capable of withstanding harsh conditions when warehouses have both indoor and outdoor needs. Built to do similar work as its IC Pneumatic counterparts, these machines allow all-electric fleets to stay that way. Toyota’s 80V Electric Pneumatic has a lifting capacity of up to 17,500 lbs.


Electric Walkie Pallet Jack:

For mid-distance runs that require more speed and power than a standard hand pallet jack can provide, Toyota’s Electric Walkie Pallet Jack offers operators the flexibility they need to tackle many warehouse challenges. It also gives their backs a break from manual labor, keeping them working, happy, and healthy.

Large Electric Walkie Pallet Jack:

Toyota’s Large Electric Walkie Pallet Jack makes maneuvering heavy loads throughout the warehouse efficient, convenient, and productive. Whether you are using a staging area for loading and unloading or you need a solution for here-and-there material handling jobs, the Large Electric Walkie Pallet Jack is an asset for nearly any application. Further elevating its performance, this pallet jack also comes equipped with lithium-ion battery technology. This makes this piece of equipment even more valuable for streamlining warehouse operations and handling heavy loads with ease. 

Low Level Order Picker:

With Toyota’s Low Lever Order Picker, you now have the versatility to quickly pick products in lower bin locations while also providing access to second and, in some instances, even third-level racking. The ability to travel while elevated and simultaneously use travel and lift/lower controls gives operators the tools they need to get from pick to pick quickly and efficiently.


Electric Walkie Stacker:

The Toyota Electric Walkie Stacker offers an alternative when a full-sized electric forklift isn’t necessary for your short and mid-distance warehousing needs that require stacking capabilities. It’s ideal for light-duty stacking in busy warehouses.

Walkie Reach Truck:

Toyota’s Walkie Reach Truck has a lifting capacity of up to 3,000 lbs, a lift height of 189 inches, and can fit in 8 ft. aisles. The Walkie Reach Truck precisely navigates narrow aisles and is the perfect choice for lower-output warehouse operations.


Order Picker:

The Toyota Order Picker offers a straightforward solution for your order retrieval needs. Toyota’s Order Picker easily maneuvers narrow aisles in warehouses with minimized rack impact during case picking thanks to optional wire guidance and double rail guidance systems. For an additional boost in performance, the Order Picker comes with advanced lithium-ion technology, which delivers smooth and consistent power as well as enhanced operational efficiency. 

Furniture Order Picker:

The Toyota Furniture Order Picker is designed to handle your pallet-less tasks from couches to dining room tables. The Furniture Order Picker can accommodate carts or furniture platforms and lift a wide variety of large or bulky items.


Reach Truck:

With the Toyota Reach Truck, expanding warehouses means having the ability to grow up instead of out. When you can reach high to several levels of warehouse racks, you efficiently use your space, increasing revenue and ROI. Its added integration of lithium-ion battery technology contributes to extended operational hours, reduced downtime, and an added layer of efficiency, making the Reach Truck a more valuable asset for warehouse growth. 

Multidirectional Reach Truck:

Articulating load wheels allow the Multidirectional Reach Truck to travel horizontally, permitting compact travel and stacking wide loads in narrow aisles without the need to turn. The ability to travel both parallel or perpendicular to racking saves you time and space while increasing productivity. To further enhance its performance, the Multidirectional Reach Truck includes a lithium-ion battery that delivers consistent power, contributing to extended operational ours and minimized downtime, making it an even more reliable solution for handling wide loads in confined spaces. 

High-Capacity Reach Truck:

Need to reach high? How about a lift height of up to 45 ft. Need to lift heavy? How about a lift capacity of up to 4,500 lbs. When needing to do both, the High-Capacity Reach Truck can lift 2,150 lbs. to more than 42 feet. It all adds up to better cube utilization and versatility to store products when and where you need to. To further enhance its capabilities and sustained performance, the High-Capacity Reach Truck now includes a lithium-ion battery that provides consistent power and extends operational hours. 

Moving Mast Reach Trucks:

Toyota’s Moving Mast Reach Truck offers clear and precise control for fast and smooth handling shift after shift. With a unique optional tilting cab system, operators not only have a clear view of their load but also allow for faster and more accurate fork positioning. The Indoor/Outdoor Moving Mast Reach Truck provides the same advantages along with the ability to travel outside. 


When you are ready to transition your fleet to electric, turn to Toyota Material Handling. For more information about Toyota’s Electric Warehouse products, please contact your local authorized Toyota dealer.

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