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Posted: March 28, 2023
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Focused on Material Handling Solutions

Toyota offers material handling solutions for almost any need. Our innovative engineers produce some of the world’s most trustworthy material handling equipment, and all models come with a guarantee of quality, durability, reliability, and value. While many customers are aware of a few of our product offerings, look here, and we’ll show you that Toyota truly is your full solutions provider.

Toyota Electric Forklifts:

For the customer who needs an all-electric fleet, Toyota offers Electric Forklifts for a variety of uses. The Core Electric Forklift provides indoor solutions for your needs between 3,000-6,500 lbs. Does your facility have narrow aisle needs, but want to stick with the Core Electric family? Try the Core Electric Turret Forklift, which gives you the capability to move products from the left or right. You say you’re a customer who needs to move lighter loads quickly, efficiently, and almost continuously? Our 3-Wheel Electric model leads the industry in travel speed and run time. Need easy on and off access for your operators? The Stand-Up Rider Forklift allows operators easy on and off access while still maintaining the capabilities of a sit-down forklift. Also, no longer will those with outdoor needs be forced to choose an IC forklift. Toyota offers its innovative 48V Pneumatic Forklift with lifting weights up to 4,000 lbs. and 80V Pneumatic Forklift that offers lifting weights of up to 17,500 lbs. while safe and reliable enough for outdoor use.

Toyota Electric Pallet Jacks:

Sometimes, you need more lifting power than a manual hand pallet jack can offer. Toyota Electric Walkie Pallet Jacks make heavy warehouse and staging tasks easy, with a full line of offerings to help you comfortably maneuver pallets around your facility. Our standard Electric Walkie Pallet Jack and Large Electric Walkie Pallet Jack increase warehouse management effectiveness and boost productivity. Need to cover longer distances in a distribution center or large warehouse? Jump on our End-Controlled Rider Pallet Jack or Center-Controlled Rider Pallet Jack. Also, with the introduction of Toyota’s Enclosed End Rider Pallet Jack, your operators will have lasting comfort throughout their shift.

Toyota Electric Stackers:

A forklift isn’t always the right tool for the job. When you need to stack pallets, but don’t need the bulk or price of a forklift, consider a Toyota Electric Stacker. Need to lift heavier loads? Our Industrial Walkie Stacker and Counter-Balanced Stacker are capable of handling loads up to 4,000 lbs. Want the flexibility of being able to reach in and out of racking? Try the Walkie Reach Truck.

Toyota Reach Trucks:

Toyota’s Reach Truck and Double Reach Truck models represent the latest in innovative design and technology and can reach lift heights up to 37 feet. AC drive and lift motors and variable speed lifting and lowering ensure that those loads are handled safely and efficiently. Our Multidirectional Reach Truck uses articulating load wheels to travel sideways down narrow aisleways. Those Indoor/Outdoor applications are no longer a struggle for the Indoor/Outdoor Moving Mast Reach Truck.  Click here and see how we can make your high-reaching tasks safer and easier.

Toyota Order Pickers:

Need to grab an order from a high rack? Toyota’s Order Picker offers elevating performance for use in general warehouse settings and is ready to work when you are. Need to pack a pallet with various items? Try our Low Level Order Picker with industry-leading lift heights up to 47”. Maybe you need to pick much larger items such as a couch, chair, or dresser. Toyota’s Furniture Order Picker allows operators to reach heights up to 366” while maintaining comfortability and efficiency.

Toyota Heavy Duty Forklifts:

Got a big job and no idea how to tackle it? Toyota’s Heavy Duty Forklift line is equipped with six different truck options to help meet your needs. With various lifting weight ranges, up to 125,000 lbs. your heavy lifting needs can be handled safely and efficiently. Check out the full line up including cushion and electric models.

Container Handlers:

Port management is big business. That’s why Toyota Container Handlers offer the power and flexibility needed to stage and operate in port environments. Our Loaded Container Handler is an expert at handling heavier, loaded containers and can stack them up to six high. Our versatile Reach Stacker models have lifting capacities of up to 99,000 lbs. They can stack containers up to five high and three deep.

Tow Tractors:

Moving carts quickly and efficiently around your warehouse can increase productivity and help your business keep raising profit margins. Toyota Tow Tractors offer an excellent solution for your tugging needs. With a three-product family, we can help you tow loads up to 59,500 lbs.

Automated Guided Vehicles:

Repetitive tasks are critical to manufacturing and warehouse production, but people sometimes get careless when doing the same task repeatedly. That’s just human nature. Toyota helps to minimize human error and increase productivity with our innovative Automated Guided Vehicles. Toyota offers three various options to meet your automated needs.

Energy Solutions:

As equipment evolves, the energy sources that fuel them must adapt. Toyota Energy Solutions is at the forefront of new technological development from batteries, energy sources, chargers, and more. We aim to provide cutting-edge battery advancements, innovative energy sources, state-of-the-art chargers, and more. Toyota Energy consultants can evaluate your energy sources and determine which fueling method is right for you.


Toyota dealers are uniquely positioned to help you solve your wide-ranging challenges. Built for every application, Toyota can provide the most complete set of solutions for material handling, automation, energy, advanced logistics, and warehouse optimization. Whether it’s consultation, implementation, or service, Toyota has you covered. From dock to stock and everywhere in between, let Toyota be part of your journey.


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